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  • rbctex rbctex Apr 5, 2006 10:19 AM Flag

    IFNY adds additional acreage

    their Barnett leases in past months. Several
    thousand acres!

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    • you pumpers try to paint a beautiful picture and your stock is falling apart, get a life.

    • Check it out, from the TMR board:

      "Re: WILJH 2 I read much
      by: trackmaster442000 01/11/06 09:30 pm
      Msg: 144202 of 150972

      erhe is one of the deadest stocks ive ever seen even cramer wouldnt rec it."

      On the date this statement was made by trackmaster, ERHE was around 35 cents a share. today, it closed at 87 cents a share ....

      Now, personally, I think that ERHE is vastly over-priced .....

      However it DOES demonstrate trackmaster's abilities to predict!!!!

      Check it out:

      Another BASHER exposed for what they are1

    • RE:"as far as nic goes it will never happen with this co."

      Whether Nicargua "happens" or not is of secondary .... no make that tertiary importance to IFNY. It is notably back burner .... low cost, low financial risk (to IFNY), potentially (in the long term) a wind-fall. If it happens, it will be icing on the cake (and quite welcome as that).

      IFNY's real potential for success and stock appreciation is currently anchored in the soil of Texas .... in the Barnett Shale play. And here, matters fully seem to be going as planned. This is where the bulk of IFNY's value currently resides.

      RE:"as far as erhe i still think it stinks."

      I personally think that ERHE is a POS ..... but you must confess that you were radically wrong in your prediction as to its price direction. I think that it has peaked and will continue to come down (as it currently is doing). Pulling up a success .... and ignoring the failures is a convenient way to re-write history.

      RE:"your leading people down the wrong path and i think thats really wrong."

      Would you please attempt to illustrate in what manner I am "leading people down the wrong path"?

      All along, I have portrayed IFNY as a speculative stock, but one with good potential for appreciation. I continue in that belief (and have personally invested accordingly). Events of this year have strongly reinforced my opinion.

      To date, you have not posted anything which might negatively alter that opinion.

      Again,ould you please attempt to illustrate in what manner I am "leading people down the wrong path"?

      And, would you please do so using the shift key, punctuation, spacing, spelling check; your posts are very difficult to read in the fractured manner they are presented.

    • tugofwars, RE:"For the record I am long this stock for about a year and am underwater by $1.17."

      GOSH! You then bought in at $7.10!

      You must have bought in at almost the exact same price as jimmethea$$!

      checkm this out:
      "Re: Two Things I Like About Oregano...
      by: jimmetheass 04/04/06 02:32 pm
      Msg: 30462 of 30511

      "my long position is at a breakeven now in the $7's"

      WHAT A REMARKABLDE coincidence ..... just as jimme disappears ..... here you are!

      Telling it like it is!!

      If it walks like a BASHER,
      talks like a BASHER .... fill in the dots

    • < want Moo back then just slide over to the level 2 screen and become a penny stock day trader...> have no respect for this board's past and personally attack me from the wrong direction...ignore time for you.

    • Moo: You are right. I have no respect for this boards past. There is a new sheriff in town this little lawless Dodge City hamlet needs an enema. I'm here to purge the board of the screwballs who stink the board up:Traders, shorties, con artists, whiners, snivelers, backstabbers beware. I don't care about IFNY's stock trading on level 2. I am not a trader only an investor in for the long run. In a year or two I might sell shares. I try not to take a short term myopic view of my investments. Go ahead and ignore me. I feel honored. I will not bow down to you or your posts. I'm here to stay. Cowboy Up little doggie!

    • were you in the stock when they were prod all that oil out of pipeline.

    • hey mr. dillon you have lost every gunfight youve had with mr.b quit while your behind.

    • One of the great episodes!

      Unfortunately, IFNY's recent PPS is giving many a "complete misapprehension" as well...

    • bugger, you posted this bashing message on 03/03/06 msg #29957.

      >>>I have a dificult time mustering any pity for the Shorts. But, I do feel sorry for their families ..... for they are the innocents about to suffer.

      One happenstance truly amazes me .... and that is the fact that there were individuals who attempted to either imply or flatassed stated that the FACTS as presented in the Pree Release represented bad news.

      These individuals attempted to deceive the less knowlegible in an attempt to save their sorry butts.

      Uncategorically, I will state than NONE of these individuals deserve any future credance ... NONE WHAT-SO-EVER!!!!!! <<<

      On that day IFNY closed at $9.40. Today it closed at 6.93, down 26%.

      Uncategorically, I will state than YOU DO NOT deserve any future credance ... NONE WHAT-SO-EVER!!!!!!

      What goes around comes around.

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