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  • oregano81 oregano81 Feb 28, 2007 11:25 AM Flag

    Howdy Partner

    It is obvious that IFNY will announce a partnership and soon. Do not expect a sellout, a merger (why give the firm away?) or a go it alone scenario unless it is for just a year. Right now the company needs to further prove up acreage to justify its proper valuation. They will drill outside their credit line and their cash flow thus they will seek an equity raise even at a low valuation to achieve the desired results to get the $3000 on up an acre minimum valuation (on all 150,000 acres). There is no debate on the need for IFNY to partner up on all properties and accelerate drilling, I think the BOD of IFNY knows this and thus get to a $500 million valuation. Selling now is out of the question its like punting on third down and Stan Ross and Jim Tuell won't allow this to occur. Don't put low expectations like a $6 a share buyout...that ain't going to happen. Selling basically says the firm does not believe the acreage works. The acreage works and can in all six domestic locations. I don't put Nicaragua in this scenario only placing that as a speculative wildcard. Why wait at Pipeline,LaBarge,Piceance,Sand Wash,Comanche and Erath. If I'm Cap One I tell Stan and Tuell get a partner at all six sites...different ones no big deal. That formula can happen. I think they will announce when they announce their 4th quarter monster numbers from the sale of low horsepower COWS to be a double whammy and thus with six partners on board the stock price doubles as well. Thats what is going to happen and start reading as the basher index goes up double as well!

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    • "It is obvious that IFNY will announce a partnership and soon. Do not expect a sellout, a merger (why give the firm away?)"

      There is a big difference between giving the firm away and nobody wanting the marginal properties IFNY has to offer! IFNY has no choice but to take on a partner with capital (if someone is stupid enough) or attempt to go it alone and chew up the little bit of financing they have available.

      Telling it like it is, headed to the $2's .... stanthea$$

    • <<Last time I checked $27MM doesn't equal $50MM>>

      The first true statement you've ever made. Unfortunately, you are too stupid to realize that the bankers have (1) more detailed operational data than you (2) more oil and gas experience/knowledge than you and (3) balls, unlike you.

      They would not allow a borrowing base of up to $50 million unless they felt confident that IFNY's upcoming drilling with $18 million would result in new proved wells and offsets that would allow them to increase the borrowing base some more up to a maximum of $50 million. That's how it works.

      Why don't get a job as a fluffer at Oregano's hedge fund? I think you could make a little money jerking him off that way instead of doing it for free here in front of us.

      <<IFNY's beancounters aren't very smart>>

      It doesn't seem that they are having much trouble finding new homes at firms bigger than your broke-dick firm. How's TEXG or WHT treating you, loser?

      <<Bob, if IFNY's not any good at drilling wells or beancounting, just exactly what are the good at?>>

      Perhaps they are good at fluffing, like you would be if you just gave up your beancounter job and did something constructive for once.

    • hey bob, how much do you pay the toad to archive my posts? It's kind of creepy thinking that a grown man does that, but, masterbator, just like his name suggests, is a slimeball so it's not so creepy after all.

      The time he spends on MySpace is probably creepier. I think he was one of those guys caught on tv by ABC in their ambushes. I seem to remember seeing a little toad looking guy they caught on one of the shows.

    • "Bob had a great day today - IFNY only lost a nickle. For Bob, that's a great day. "

      Well, actually closer to a dime than a nickel. So old OregaBob is going to tout this day as a "REAL WINNER". He'll probably pop the top on the best bottle of MogenDavid 20/20 that money can buy.

    • Bob's definition of a winning succesful program is one where he holds losing positions in 36 stocks. Bob's been very successful with IFNY - bought at mid $8's and sold at high $3's. Then parlaying his IFNY success Bob bought in again at $3.90 plus and is still holding those share.

      Bob had a great day today - IFNY only lost a nickle. For Bob, that's a great day.

    • Hey bob, did you see that WHT is up a bit today. A pretty good little driller, wouldn't you say?

    • What the hell you talking about. I never worked for Kerr McGee. I don't even work. I just invest my money and other peoples money in winning and successful programs and stocks. The IFNY bet is in its infancy...we got a three to five year time line on this one. I like to spend $ too. I think you are afraid of Jim Tuell. I conclude that bypass job turned you into a real pussy. Why would that antecedent along with your ss,medicare disclosure, SEC enforcement friend fib, your paltry 500 share position etc etc give credence to your blather. Take a nitro tablet and then take an extended nap. This will all be over before you know it!

    • Hey Bob, how many times in 2006 do you think J Tuell uttered those immortal words "the check's in the mail"

    • Bob, talking to J Tuell would be like talking to you. He's a questionable beancounter (witness $11MM of unpaid past due payables piling up under his administration),an ineffective driller (marginal well after marginal well drilled until the lenders pulled the plug on him) and rarely tells the truth in press releases (a rig will be running again within two months.) What good would it do to talk to someone with those antecedents?

      Besides that, we have you to rely as the board oil and gas expert because you have 27 years with the driller Kerr McGee. What was it you said about beancounters and unsuccessful E&P's? Something to the effect that they fit like a glove on a hand.

    • You are really bothered by that press release. Remember Ole Shaker that is a publically disclosed document. I don't think you are in a position to refute that.I bet you have not slept a wink the last eight weeks or so since that was released. Tell you what: Call the company, Express your concerns to Jim Tuell. Maybe you will feel better after you speak to him. Tell him you are a heart patient on cumadin and nitro, have very little time to live and am getting very impatient with your short bet. I'm sure he would love to hear from you.

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