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  • roberhoof roberhoof Jun 18, 2007 7:23 PM Flag

    Typical BShaef Job Interview

    Company President- "So, BShaef, tell me about your most recent job experience"
    BShaef- "That would be my longest-lasting consulting gig ever. I was consulting for Terax."
    CP- "Longest, huh, how long were you with Terax?"
    BS- "3 days. I was hired on a Friday afternoon and stayed with them all the way until Monday morning."
    CP- "uh-huh. What was the reason for your leaving Terax?"
    BS- "One of their idiot board members tried to tell me how to do my job. He should have known that I am a highly trained professional and was using my vast contact list to try to increase shareholder value."
    CP- "uh-huh. Exactly how were you trying to increase shareholder value?"
    BS- "Well, I contacted all my friends on the Infinity Yahoo message board and told them they should buy Terax."
    CP- uhhhh-huhhh? And this "idiot" board member didn't think this was what the company was looking for?"
    BS- "Apparently not. So, when do I get to meet my secretary and I'm going to need a corner office with a view. Also, you'll need to give up your parking space to me. This only makes sense since I'll have your job within a couple of weeks. You know, I am a highly trained professional."
    CP- "uh-huh. BZZZZ- SECURITY, I HAVE A NUT CASE IN HERE!! Would you please escort him to the door."


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