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  • no_more_cheap_oil no_more_cheap_oil Jul 15, 2007 7:16 PM Flag

    I looked at buying this at $7+ a couple of


    years ago. Decided not to buy (lucky) and now see it is just over $3 bucks.

    Without doing alot of my own DD, what happened? It looked really promising back then.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • NMCO,

      we also get ZERO PR...look and see, no updates...means nothing to report...that is the thing moving this stock at this point...

    • Weak management Stan Ross, Jim Tuell, failed on execution. After Stan Ross bungled the company sale, Jim Tuell stepped into the picture suppose to be the company savior. Jim Tuell screwed up CAPEX, investors called in their loans with penalties, and IFNY was forced to sell their cash cow COWS. Jim Tuell even lied about a rig returning to drill in the Barnet Shale last October. For the screwup, Jim Tuell resigned and that put Stan Ross back at the helm of the Titanic tanking it down further. Plagued with marginal wells in the BS keeps IFNY in the $3's. Investors are waiting for the next round of wells, praying they are not marginal like the last few and hoping for some NIC news once again!

      Teling it like it is ...... stanthea$$

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      • You forgot to mention that you outed yourself at least twice as a limp-wristed permboy from NJ. Not that you ever had respect on this board or in real life, but I have to say that remains a classic message board screwup. You are a laugh, bud!

        BTW, your synopsis is similar to a first grader's synopsis except that the first grader is more literate and likely more of a man than you.


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