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  • stantheass stantheass Sep 21, 2007 9:03 PM Flag

    Moo hows your bottom feeling about know?

    Did you at least get to kiss anyone in IFNY management before they screwed you?

    Telling it like it is screwup after screwup .... stanthea$$

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    • Your post perfectly illustrates your investing stupidity. INFY and TERX were not buy and hold stocks - they were story stocks and when the story started going south it was time to bail. I was smart enough to understand that but you weren't. Tough titty for you.

    • Who was Terax's independent reserve engineer? IFNY's is NSAI. Terax's is ______________? BShaef, where art thou?

      Who was Terax's commercial lender? IFNY's is Amegy. Terax's is ______________? BShaef, where art thou?

      Little bit of a difference.

    • ELMO .... the funny part about your post is IFNY is on its way there with TEXG, pumping the BS the way they did and producing a bunch of dud wells! Wall Street may never believe a word out of IFNY's mouth again! comming soon ..... stanthea$$

    • Please consult BShaef regarding the following graph, and report back to me:

      Your superior in every imaginable way,


    • oregano = robby = bshaef = stantheass = eilmo666 = irthling = whinneythepine_doodler = moo = yardshitz = bshart = rbc_TX = ffr = tostitos = anyoneelse.

      mostly though, regulator_nm = an_IDIOT!

    • ham_baked = gashunter99 = ????????

    • oreg-elmo says..."Prove me wrong"

      Okay, here, this says it all:

      'nuff said.

    • I don't have a group. Just a command of the Queen's English.

      <<Yes the wells declined at rates way in excess of prediction.>>

      You have no evidence of that being true. It might be true, but you have no evidence on the outside of that. I believe that a decline in gas prices from mid-2006 to yearend-2006, along with natural declines in wells and a lack of new drilling to replace those produced reserves, led to the decline in reserve value. All of that is known to outsiders like me and is factual.

      <<Hey dumbshit, please explain to us how lack of drilling affects existing reserve revisions>>

      Hey potty mouth, no one will higher you when you talk like that. The reserve revisions can be explained in part or in whole by the price decline. IFNY certainly was not the only one. But they were the only one to borrow too much and they are paying for it now.

      <<They have not Acted! You are an idiot. You cannot figure out that an outstanding balance on a loan of more than double than loan value is not a mistake!!>>

      Do you really think Amegy made a "mistake"? Is that your main premise? If so, then you are more pathetic than I thought. Amegy is acting and I guess they are controlling the cash flow of IFNY right now. I asked before and I ask again, why don't they just shut it down like Promethean or Angelo Gordon would have (actually, they would have demanded stock to manipulate and trade in the market for a little profit first)?

      If and when Amegy is paid off, I will have a little chuckle at your expense, I admit.

    • Oh, I forgot ELMO, you said:

      "Also, how do you know they hired someone? I did not see the announcement? Oops."

      Helps if you actually read SEC documents rather than just PR's.

      Because the Forbearance Agreement required them to engage a property broker (from SEC 8K):

      "On or before September 4, 2007, Borrower and Guarantors shall enter into an agreement with an oil and gas broker or consultant, reasonably acceptable to Lender, to facilitate the sale and marketing of the Sale Properties"

      Which is the Rockies AND the TX properties, the latter if the lender so deems it necessary (from SEC 8K):

      "(d) In addition, upon the written directive of Lender, to be exercised in Lender�s sole discretion, Borrower and Guarantors shall proceed with the sale and marketing of all Texas assets of Infinity Oil and Gas of Texas, Inc. (the � Texas Properties �); and if elected by Lender, Borrower and Guarantors shall thereafter accept any commercially reasonable offer to buy the Texas Properties; provided no oil and gas property or leasehold interest which is mortgaged to Lender shall be sold except on terms and price acceptable to Lender and with the prior written approval of Lender. To facilitate this future sale, Borrower and Guarantors shall promptly provide the oil and gas broker or consultant retained with respect to the sale of the Sale Properties with all information needed for the future sale of the Texas Properties. Upon Lender�s election to proceed with the sale of the Texas Properties, Borrower and Guarantors shall thereafter use their best efforts to (i) promptly open a data room on the Texas Properties, (ii) to promptly obtain firm proposals for the sale of the Texas Properties, (iii) to execute a definitive agreement or agreements, subject to stockholder approval if required, for the sale of Texas Properties with proceeds sufficient to repay the Deficiency, and (iv) seek stockholder approval, if required..."

      OOPs your ass!!!!

    • Hey dumbshit (aka ELMO):

      Be careful if you want to start talking about typo's, you and your group will take up all night.

      ""<<NSAI did put decent reserves on some wells but apparently using regional type curves on wells with minimal if almost non-existent production history. There is no other apparent explanation>>

      How about (1) prices fell and (2) the wells' production declined?""

      Are you just dumb or blind to actually what was fully said (probably both). Yes the wells declined at rates way in excess of prediction. That leads to reserve reductions well in excess of prediction. That leads to reserve re-estimates which means their original estimates were a mistake.

      "Low prices, natural declines and lack of drilling probably didn't help. See the previous answer, dunce."

      Hey dumbshit, please explain to us how lack of drilling affects existing reserve revisions which is what happened. They revised downward the same reserve base from the same wells!!!!!!!!! The "natural decline" was more drastic than their projections (called mistake outside of ELMO world).

      ""It is true that the calculation of the borrowing base results in an $11 million shortfall. Instead of pulling the plug, Amegy is giving IFNY time to correct the shortfall. They have rules and the calculation is too low for them to not act. However, you cannot simply assume they feel they made a mistake because you have no idea if that is true or not.""

      They have not Acted! You are an idiot. You cannot figure out that an outstanding balance on a loan of more than double than loan value is not a mistake!! The bank takes control of the checkbook (lockbox the revenue checks, no drilling, only G&A with permission, pay only reviewed loe). Required to reach a deal to sell properties by 11/30/07. This loan, by Comptroller rules, is on non-accrual at the bank, they have taken reserves for loan losses, and they seriously want to be paid off soon.

      You better hope that they get sufficient funds from a sale to pay off the bank or this game is completely over. But I kind of agree with BS that you probably do not own any shares.

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