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  • drillingsolutions Mar 5, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Whoever sold Monday (03-04-2013)

    It looks like whoever sold Monday (03-04-2013) made a poor decision...

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    • Time will tell. I hope they did make a poor decision too.

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        First, I need to correct a statement I made the other day.

        I am not certain that Stan was in Nicaragua. Usually when he does not communicate for a few days he is `somewhere else.`Now it appears that he did not answer emails (specifically about the repayment of the loan) because he was about to release the 8k on that. I do know that he was at the airport in KC going `somewhere.` I have sent him an email asking for clarification of this, and offer a sincere apology for my assumption!

        As for me, in the interest of fair disclosure, I am now long over 1 million shares directly, or in shares that I control, or through close friends. I am not adding any shares aggressively, but will add on dumps like yesterday.

        I believe that makes me about the fourth largest shareholder, behind Stan, Amegy, and some broker in Wyoming, who if I remember correctly owns about a fourth of the shares(someone can correct me on that. GASPL?). About two years ago Stan told me that the broker had still not sold a share, so I guess that still holds. It appears that between manny and myself, we might have a good say in any final deal.

        So, getting down to the point of this post(probably a long one), I agree with Manny. If Stan has misled us , he might be gone in a month or two.However based on all the evidence, facts, and surmises, reading between the lines, tea leaves, planet alignment, etc, I find that highly improbable.

        First, for a variety of reasons, I will only invest in a stock that has highly favorable risk/reward characteristics. Especially now, in this political regime where my only other investments are cash, gold , guns, more ammo, dried foods, etc. Remember the day good ole Hillary exclaimed that she was `Going to take those profits!` To me, this regime is far worse, and just about everything is at risk now.

        So, A stock must possess highly favorable risk/reward for me to even consider. I asked before, and I ask again, can anyone tell me of one stock out there, on any exchange

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