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  • shoedini shoedini Mar 27, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Contraire Infinity nay sayers

    Up front, I am not adding to my position as it is plenty big enough.
    But I do believe, against sentiment, that IFNY will tick up and up as we get closer to 4/15 or even sooner.
    Few reasons:
    Why do a short term note when you can do a year and not worry about it.....unless a deal is that close? Stan may not be a timely guy, but too much has happened positively over the past 6 to12 months for both Infinity and the actions taken by Noble for our CEO to stick his neck out on a drop dead deal date and a short term note.....unless......
    Not saying we will see a deal by Friday, but there has to be something looming.
    And I do not drink the Kool Aid. I am about as critical and deveils advocate as they come.
    Hold on, I hope it's time to take flight!!

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