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  • captdeployed captdeployed Jan 22, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    guess the mkt will keep going

    goog beats and wfc upping the divy. at some point inflation has to heat up as it looks like the economy will continue to gain strength. also looks like stocks will continue to be the asset to own.

    imo, it was obvious the mkt was going to have a strong recovery the last few years considering how ferocious the sell off was and coupled with bernanke's gameplan. while i dont disagree with the fed's strategy, at some point we have to position for rapidly increasing inflation. i, probably along with many others, thought this would be an issue well before jan 2013. apparently it hasnt really, but i have to suspect its coming soon. "life" hasnt become any cheaper for my family, except for maybe this lull in gas prices. i refi'd into a 15yr at 2.875 a few months back and never thought i'd see prices better than the original 4% i started with. now, i'm not expecting a conspiracy theory mkt collapse, and i think the mkt finishes 2013 higher than it started, but i have to think that in 2014/2015 rising rates due to unacceptable inflation cause another housing recession and the mkt churns sideways at best to lower for an extended time. my gut tells me its 2020 before the actions of GW, greenspan, bin laden, late 90s/early 2000s irrational exhuberances, and obama are worked through to give us a more "normalized" economic state. gut also says energy will become a huge play again, specifically nat gas this time around--2014ish.

    thoughts from the board? what's your outlook on inflation and where/when are you positioning yourself?

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    • I've stayed in stocks, with KTCC as my primary holding. I've bought some AAPL on the dip, among others. However, when I look at things around me (US and world) my feeling is "this can't end well". To that end, I'm buying physical precious metals, and have even dabbled in foreign currency (Swiss francs). I'm scared to have all of my assets in USD. Sad. Also, I just bought USLV, which is an ETN that correlates 3x the price of silver. I expect silver to rise by at least 25% this year, which would net be a 75% gain. I'm not sure I'm right, but I agree that the ways things are now is not sustainable, and I'm trying to position myself for it. Wish I had a crystal ball...

    • "what's your outlook on inflation and where/when are you positioning yourself?"

      I'm looking at energy gold/silver stocks.

      PES, FTK, PDS in oil related.

      HL, EXK, MUX in gold/silver related.

      JVA - coffee roaster/distributor.

      FBN & LZB - furniture related. Enter at the right price and trade 'em.

      Lastly SGMA (see KTCC)

      Have a nice day.

      jmat (as in 'ol)

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