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  • microcaptrader microcaptrader Feb 26, 2014 12:27 PM Flag

    It's almost impossible to find anything "undervalued" on a fundamental basis...

    lately, and the stocks I'm finding that are undervalued, are true dogs. What are you guys buying of the low P/E, low P/TBV variety? My screens aren't providing many options.

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    • I'll offer a few I think are cheap for discussion and public ridicule:

      NSYS - a small EMS. The major shareholder recently died so his heirs hold a majority of shares. It's trading below book and will release earnings tomorrow. It's been sliding down toward the 200 ma lately. I bought some in November, sold on a spike, and repurchased from about $5.80 to $5, so I feel okay about holding.

      SKYW - you may find its illiquid assets, airplanes, to be the fatal flaw. I bought it because it makes money and its cash and short term assets per share relative to pps is good.

      ALCS - I think this is worth watching as a turn-around. It's a low-quality retail outfit of the kind I personally try to avoid in my daily life. They had a substantial loss on a headquarters move last quarter and may lose money again in the upcoming quarter. With their move, they've hired mostly new people so I'm interested to see if business improves with better people. It's trading at a substantial discount to balance sheet assets.

    • I still hold AXTI, but not much happening.

    • I first use a fairly rigorous set of quantitative criteria to identify candidates, then follow that up with a qualitative analysis that further reduces the number of possibilities. I'm afraid I've reached the point where I'm finding fatal flaws with everything. Might be time for me to just dump my cash in SPY's and take a year or two off.

    • Good thread to start. In the last few days I've bought more NTWK and ACI. I've also been adding LOJN but that doesn't fit the undervalued definition based on past 12 months, next 12 months yes though. A couple other rather interesting ones I own are NAUH and DRAD primarily due to the dividends. SO is also a heck of a good deal for many reasons.

      One I've mentioned before that I would be adding to if I didn't already have a ton is VTSI. PS is sub-1. PE is sub-10. Top line is growing and I believe the year end earnings report coming out in late March might (25% chance) propel the stock much higher. To clarify, I am relatively certain the report will be good, just not sure anyone will care.

      HTCH is below BV, low PS, but no EPS yet. I still say it has over $1 in EPS within a year....though all the analysts disagree and it has taken about 6 months longer than I thought it might. It will be a $12 stock at some point within 18 months.

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