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  • meravhon meravhon May 12, 2000 10:33 AM Flag


    Yoel Gat,Gilat's Chairman and CEO, stated
    yesterday,"our success in the marketplace, not patent
    infrigment, is the real catalyst behind the HNS action. We
    remain unconcerned by the patent claims as asserted to
    It seems that every body agrees to this statement.
    I'm quite sure that we will see on coming Monday that
    Gilat's business are doing well and will continue
    according to plans, unaffected by the allegations of HNS.

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    • Share price do not support your optimism.
      of investors do not write their thoughts on this
      board.The share price reflects thier thoughts.With EPS of
      0.26 or even 0.35 for last Q and HNS action (true or
      not true). GILTF is not exactly in "recommended list"
      of many investors.Just MO.

      • 2 Replies to investorsclub13
      • I don't think the lawsuit or reduced EPS reflects
        the opinion of too many holders of GILTF or else the
        volume would have been higher on Tuesday's plunge. But
        certainly these two events make new investors wary. JMO.

      • You are right about the market. Now the market
        thinks that the value of Gilat is only $1.4B. 3 months
        ago the same market was thinking that the value is
        $3.3B. Who is the market? Probabely composed from
        sophisticated investors,less sophisticated invesrors and some
        ignorant investors.Analysts should be more sophisticated
        than the average invesrors. All of them recommend to
        buy GILTF.Even knowing that Q1EPS is only $0.26 and
        knowing about the patent suit, no one came with
        downgrading. But many investors have doubts about brokers
        recommendations, based on their experience.(See what is going with
        DELL,up 12% today.)We also have to assume that Gilat's
        partners in GTH (Microsoft,Echostar and ING)checked deeply
        its business plans (and also the patent aspects)
        before investing multi-millions $ to this joint venture.
        I believe that these respected companies know
        better than the average investor on the potenial of
        I believe that this board is for investors trying
        to share with others the info they got and also
        their true opinions. I was trying to express my opinion
        on the issue of patent suit. This issue should
        bother any investor. After reading some other opinions,
        I came to the conclusion that the suit has no real
        impact on Gilat's business(But had painfull impact on
        market price which is a natural reaction). I am not
        trying to be optimistic just because I am a shareholder,
        but I truly think that market had immediate
        overreaction, and now after analysing the issue should
        understand that Company will continue with its plans
        unaffected by the allegations.

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