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  • straight4wd straight4wd Dec 27, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

    Started position

    Beta market is shakey here with the Washington deals. What do you think of MAKO here I opened a posirtion here it is near its 52 week low of 11.99 now only .31 off. Normally would not touch the stock but low is low has a following should be tax loss sending it down here.

    Should be good for a January effect if we are allowed one this year.


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    • beta I added back some VELT today along with that 500 MAKO

      I had sold some VELT yesterday at the close.a tad over 5.00

      small hold FOLD had volume it should get traction Jan along with HZNP

      Doing house cleaning on portfolio in documenting what will go long term in next couple months. might need to offset a few to keep the taxes lower.

      Working tomorrow so will not be on cpu will have to take my lumps however they are handed out. :o)

      kit 4wd

    • the lid will come off of this soon.

      4.99 0.19 3.96% 0.00% 211,556

      it has had 2 good days in a row ith a shakey market.