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  • eiretekk eiretekk Jan 1, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    What's with the depreciation?

    Just came across this from a screener of 2012 stocks. Took a look at the business and the financials. Can someone explain the depreciation being booked against profits quarterly?
    I understand hosting apps requires servers which must be written down but the depreciation here seems like a very high number compared to the revenue being generated.


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    • This company capitalizes a ton of R&D costs rather than expensing it like 99% of other (credible companies), thus making EBITDA look much higher than it otherwise would be and the income statement look better. Best to look at the cash flow statement on this one. Also dumps (wastes IMHO) a lot of money by overpaying for marginal acquisitions - so Goodwill is now almost $250M so that gets depreciated also. The company now has negative working capital, can't really use it's stock for acquisitions any longer, and IMHO is cruisin' for a bruisin'. Why do you think insiders were dumping shares so violently all of last year?

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