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  • pi_and_i pi_and_i Mar 23, 2006 7:22 AM Flag

    I would really ....

    like to discuss question #1 in 27704

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    • Well.......scrotumholder06, being the world traveler that you are and having the taste for cheap gin, Little Debbie Cakes and strong laxatives that you do, maybe I should take your advice and not post here. NAH....I think I'll do as I damn well please. you have a souvenir magnet from all those states you've been to stuck on your refrigerator door? If so, I'll bet it's awesome.

    • Another great response from Moon Dork from Dumb-ass, Arkansas.

    • Equating those who preach blind faith with someone who thinks you should have personal responsibility for your own actions. More Sullivan county education, Moon Dork? Maybe all those ham biscuits, moon pies and cigarettes clogged up your brain, Einstein.

    • And I am so glad not towork in Shitville, TN with ignorant pricks like you. By the way, genius, the word is 'grateful'. Did you go to school there, too?

    • And we are so greatful that you left. Thanks.

    • You have some interesting data, but for EMN you made a big mistake on the conclusion.

      For EMN, they have intentionallly separated the retirees into a separate "pricing" group that includes only retirees and are making the retirees subsidize each other. The active employees are in another separate group and their rates are lower because of the lower health problems (although they are paying a higher percentage of their costs vs the company as compared to the past years.
      Have you heard of other companies doing this type of thing?? EMN just did it about 2 years ago and that is when the posts here began about the large increases in costs. Active employees did not experience those types of increases and EMN did not absorb the extra costs for them!! How about those apples!!!

    • CORRUPT the TRUTH, You have to be the dumbest biased prick that ever put their fingers on a keyboard. You need to realize that retirees with their many years of service help make their former employer as successful and profitable as they are so ingrates like you can spew your opinions not based on THE FULL TRUTH. As far as what is spent on retiree medical benefits you should be aware that retiree premiums are triple what employee premiums are. Retirees have been there,done that and GOD willing you will follow that same path should you be so blessed. Now,you may say THANK YOU to all those went ahead and made it possible that jobs are still there for you. I will say THANK YOU to my former employer and hope employees who are there now will be as fortunate as I have been.

    • True, Moon Dork, but only if you exclude the 5 other states I've lived in and the numerous others I've done business in or vacationed in. Sounds like you're the one who's never left Shitville, TN. Every time I pass through Shitville I realize how thankful I am to NOT live there with the gordos that lumber around crying because someone else isn't taking responsibility for their bad choices..

    • Thanks for the explanation. Interesting data. I assume most of the spending is a function of age, and income.

    • C&T-----another contributing factor for high retiree medical expenses is the newly instituted corp policy of encouraging (requiring) early retirement. Many, many folks are enticed to leave after 30 years. This put the retiree in his/her early 50's. Most of the geezers my age worked till 62 and quite a few to 65. I feel the main reason that companies push for early retirement is to lower their payroll costs for,in the main, these older workers are at higher payscale than their replacements. So my thesis is----Companies knowingly bring this high retiree medical costs on themselves, and balance it with lower $ for pay. Then the practice of outsourcing has a lowering effect on medical payouts

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