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  • acngjnyc acngjnyc Apr 12, 1999 5:59 PM Flag

    Great start 4 the week 4 OLB

    I told all you Seecer's to check out the OLB to
    recover your loses several times for weeks/months now.
    Hope some of you jumped
    off this

    Check my prior posts just a couple of weeks ago. EGRP,
    was only in the high 50's... Now EGRP
    96+, AMTD 142+, NITE 98+.

    What a country! What
    a great sector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MONEY, MONEY!!!!!!!!!! Come join the


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    • Raj Reddy has left the building!! Will leave as a director when his term expires on August 5 and is stepping down as Dean of the Computer Sciences School at Carnegie also.

    • It seem that SEEC stock is sitting at 4 to 4 1/2.
      I think SEEC Company should release some good news
      to make stock price pass a resistance 4 1/2. July
      time frame is started now Y2K sector should do better.

    • Heard from a reliable source that SEEC is in
      talks with Some Internet solutions company for a Big
      MERGER. As we guys know SEEC is very strong in
      re-engineering technology for Web Enablement and for too many
      other things. If u are intersted go to their web site
      and see the white papers. With these kind of mergers
      SEEC is going to be Very BIG. This is the right time
      to realize about the TECHNOLOGY and FUTURE of SEEC.
      This is not a Internet Gambling.

    • SEEC should be announcing their quarterly report
      for last in a matter of days. My guess is that there
      will be another loss from operations!! Current quarter
      is almost guess...another loss from
      operations!! Maybe they will blame Y2K (oh yes...they used to
      be a Y2K company)...Maybe they will blame Y2K
      Sure to blame something...Can't seem to generate much
      revenue and can't seem to earn money from operations...

    • Seec hasn't shown anything worth hanging your
      hopes on. What good is cash when they have no products
      or services to sell that will generate new cash?

      They've talked about their intentions...well intentions
      doesn't make money. New contracts for new business
      creates the money that drives its stock price. Secc
      doesn't seem to have this.

      How long should it
      take Seec to come to market with new
      products/services? Does anyone really think they're going to come to
      market with anything?

    • I, too, think that with the cash sitting on the
      balance sheet that the upside/downside ratio looks good.
      But I think calling this an "interest rate" play is
      stretching things a little too far....With twenty five
      million dollars earning interest if the rate goes up one
      percent then they will earn an additional two hundred
      fifty thousand dollars pretax which will be about one
      hundred fifty thousand after tax which would be two
      pennies of earnings. Anything extra is nice and welcome
      but I would rather see that money invested in a
      business that will earn them a lot more than T-Bill rates.

    • ..............................................................

      just a note....

      I wanted to let you guys know
      about a stock I found out about on Friday,
      Perceptronics - PCTR - now trading at $1.25.

      Perceptronics' main business is the manufacture and marketing of
      computer-based simulation systems for use in commercial and
      military applications. Now they are breaking into the
      internet gaming market with some great 3D technology. What
      is amazing is that this company's core business is
      profitable, with increasing revenues and

      Perceptronics is the classic example of a company which is
      profitable with current operations, yet is breaking into
      much broader applications with their technology,
      thereby creating a vast potential for shareholders.

      Their new product, IC3D (tm), gives software and web
      site developers the ability to create the type of
      mass-market, people oriented 3D experiences that web users
      have wanted for years. IC3D (tm) lets multiple users
      interact completely, naturally, and instantaneously in
      shared 3D virtual worlds - to play and to learn, to shop
      and to communicate - all while sitting at their
      individual computers and connected through standard web

      A description of the IC3D (tm) project technology,
      along with product and service contact information, can
      be found at:

      Further information about the company can be located at


      Many people have targets of $5 to $10 on this one,
      considering their technology is so hot....... BTW -- Earnings
      due out next


    • I can see that Telxon dropped like a rock. I was
      watching the headlines when it dropped and the flurry of
      law suits came out against it. I'm not exactly sure
      what the reason was for the restatement. I just went
      back to find some articles from the first of the year
      but couldn't find much.

      What I did find though
      sounded like they were mistreating certain
      assets on
      the books which they needed to write off creating a
      loss(correct me if I'm wrong). In a more recent article (out
      today I think) the company was going online saying that
      the current quarters revenues were going to be in the
      90 million range which is on target for sales. Which
      doesn't sound so bad. If this Raj Reddy guy had a hand in
      the accounting treatment which caused the losses (I'm
      sure he was partly responsible. He should know about
      how the company is treating certain numbers of the
      company) than I agree with you that this guy sounds like a
      slacker, but the fact of the matter is that SEEC needs to
      get its sales up to create some momentum.

      Believe you me, I was very stupid to get into this
      company. It was my first trade with my new online trading
      account and I made a stupid move right after that Barrons

      With each quarter thats come and go since Novemeber, I
      just can't believe that the news seems to get worse
      and worse. How can they continue to have decreased
      sales and increased expenses when the company is
      supposed to be a year 2000 solutions company.
      As I
      write this I'm starting to agree with you more and more
      that if this Raj Reddy guy has had his hand on the
      wheel for the past six months that this ship is stuck
      on a sandbar somewhere. This guy at work told me
      about CMGI back in November when I bought this stock.
      CMGI was at 60 and zoomed up after splits to the
      600's. I'm just hoping to see a single blip of good news
      about SEEC. Right now the only thing going for this
      company is its cash position which I also agree could
      dwindle away quickly with future mis management. I'm not
      in the market for services that SEEC offers but I
      sure would like to know if I was it would be a company
      that I'd want at the bat for me. I guess I'll have to
      wait for the next quarter earnings report to find out.

      Thanks for responding and good luck to ya.

    • No editorial..just facts..
      Go look at the information just released about Telxon (of which he is Chairman!!). Then decide if you want to own stock in another company he chairs.

    • I've been so sick and tired of reading posts for
      the past couple of months with several of the authors
      bantering back and forth about where to invest. Its a nice
      change to actually hear some real thoughts on the
      numbers of the company.

      Does anybody have any
      ideas on how this company transacts business? Is SEEC
      thought of highly in their respective field. Are they
      able to hire competent employees which can stand
      behind their products? If you were a company looking for
      e commerce solutions would SEEC really be a good
      partner? The numbers for the last year seemed pretty weak.
      Is this a sign of managements innefectiveness to
      garner new business or are their products and services
      below par. I'd have to believe that with the cash
      position and a positive quarter this stock would jump back
      into the $6+ range.

      I'm planning on doing some
      digging in the local papers. Would sure like to see this
      stock jump back a bit.

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