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  • david_a_rankin david_a_rankin Sep 23, 2009 7:52 PM Flag

    Off subject question here

    The problem I see with bio-fuels is that when the dollar is weak both oil and corn skyrocket. They say oil has to be $80 a bbl for bio-fuel to be a cost effective alternative. Unfortunately these projects were made assuming $3 a bushel corn not the $8 a bushel it was back in 2008. If they ever find a way to convert non exporatable plants such as weeds to bio-fuel it may take off. Until then electric cars and geo-thermal heating/cooling seem to me to be the more likely choices.

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    • Thanks for the reply.
      perhaps when the economy stabilizes we will see things come back.
      ETLY,VSPC and OOIL are some plays i found on alternatives that you mention.
      I have positions in the first two.
      I guess just other bets like UVSE
      for bio-fuel i have EVFL.