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  • irsegneri irsegneri Jul 12, 2008 9:14 PM Flag

    any opinions on long term

    This fund seems very volatile due to it's lack of stocks, but I really do like the stocs that it has and it seems less risky than buying any one of these stocks on there own. Any comments on this site about management or performance?

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    • Hi, my advice on UMESX it is a very good fund, run by a very good manager. I buy Oil Stocks and Funds in Jan or Feb and sell them Jun or Jul. I then buy Bank stocks and funds in Jun or Jul and sell them Aug or Sept. I then buy Retail stocks in Sept or Oct and sell them Dec or Jan. This type of trading using 3 sectors has produced about 72% per year average for the last 11 years. I trade when each sector has reached a 20% or higher result. If you start with 1.00 dollar and multiply by 1.20 and again by 1.20 and again by 1.20 the result is 1.728 or 72.8%. We Americans need to heat our homes in winter, we sell and buy the bulk of our homes and need financing during the summer. We then spend the bulk of our retail dollars at Christmas. I use UMESX to trade Oils from Jan-Jul.

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      • I have to admit, I like some of the ideas that underly your trade sequences. We all know how the price of gas rockets leading up to the Memorial Day holiday and beginning of summer driving vacations. But, I would think they also go up a bit during the run up to the winter heating season. I will look into your cycles a bit more. I am probably adding a bit more UMESX next week. It is not a big part of my portfolio, but I like the diversification. I expect the dividend to be pretty big this year, assuming that the big stocks in the fund are the major payers.

    • In the last 15 years the fund has been up 11 of those years. I have held, added to and am Quite Happy! I would rate it a buy after the oil markets finally settle down....mj

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