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  • kmcmahon38 kmcmahon38 Feb 14, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Just Listened to Conference Call...

    For me personally, the highlight was when management stated that in every distribution region within the United States, the company saw at least a 14% year over year sales growth. That means this company is growing rapidly not just because of Hurricane Sandy or Irene, there is a broad diversified demand for its generators.

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    • I sold the majority of my position by close yesterday and I'm sure glad I did.
      Watching the price action this morning reminds me of Rocky III when Clubber Lang looked into Rocky's eyes and said that one word describing his predition for the fight... "PAIN"

    • well, no lie, my husband just bought one of their generators for use in his business. he's a contractor doing Sandy repair work in Avalon NJ and the homes don't have outside electrical outlets that he can use. so he bought a generator. there are more uses than just storms. he also said the homes are starting to put the whole house generators in and they are using generac. Honda's are too expensive and Briggs & Stratton aren't as good. just some insight. I'm waiting for the dust to settle today to buy.

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      • All valid points, Honda's are great, but very expensive. I too am from NJ and see the work being done by contractors with generaotrs. Generac's are the best for the buck and great quality. Brother in law bought a Briggs @ S. for Sandy, it was so damn inferior to the Generac I had in so many ways, that he got the retailer to take it back and sell him the Generac when they came back in stock.

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