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  • victoramal victoramal Feb 16, 2011 11:34 AM Flag

    Look at PFX bashers ..over 22

    aye dumb bashers look at PFX over 22 bucks going near par very soon. What does it tell ya?

    I bet you will say going up for yield. Actually yield goes down when price goes up so your theory dont hold water completely.
    could somethings up??. Debt holders are smarter than commons.

    My view is debt goes near par when debt holders are beginning to feel they will get their money back. Which means something underneath is coming to protect them or something else will guarantee their original investment

    any comments?

    so why you quiet marko boy?

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    • Yes, PFX bonds have made a major move higher over the past month while PNX stock is only up slightly. As a trader I have learned that bondholders tend to be more serious investors. When bondholders and stockholders disagree it's usually a good idea to bet on the bondholders. Just bought some PNX for a trade. PNX's investment portfolio is benefitting from the bull market.

    • One question - what price did you buy?

      Seriously you should sell now. There is nowhere to go but lower. They have no sales, their balance sheet is in tatters.

      This company is done.

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