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  • wallstreetwiz2007 wallstreetwiz2007 Jun 19, 2007 1:25 PM Flag

    No value when Halted

    which will happen soon imo.once they auction off their assets the bondholders and creditors get paid first..common equity is out of luck...

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    • cali49781 Jun 20, 2007 1:29 PM Flag

      nndung- Depreciation calculated is on a set tax basis, we are talking about a market value loss or what they are worth in the real world. That is not depreciation that you see on the books. Huge difference in this case

    • Lets pose why the company did not appeal the notice from Nasdaq, so the insiders can sell out stock before it goes to "nothing"? The answer is delisting and filling out Chapter 11 is a better solution for shareholders included the owners.

    • dream on, there is no value to tweeter. Do you really think
      this stock is trading near zero because there is all this
      "big value" They declared BK, they will be lucky to
      recover 50% of their fixed asset book value, mabey a
      little better with inventory. Any leverage they may
      have had on certain leases was destroyed when they
      declared BK. Most likely all creditors will not be
      fully paid, shareholders will see nothing.

    • lease

      do these locations have to be sold to certain types of buyers or anyone? ie similar business ie Best Buy, CC

      some of the lease terms require anchor stores to have some specific characteristics

      these stores are big

      I would think they would have big value

    • If you don't know the difference between Depreciation
      and market value then I suggest you get out of the
      market and buy CD's

    • Do you know how to read the balance sheet? Balance sheet up to 31 March 07 is updated. Total Stockholder Equity is 34,541,000. Outstanding shares are 25.56m
      1 share is worth 1.35

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      • cali49781 Jun 19, 2007 2:00 PM Flag

        Your math does not apply in this situation. You have to add in forward loss, three part sale and the fact that this ship is sinking daily. If your going to use that math, you might want to adjust y our figures daily, you will be adjusting them right to $0

      • "1 share is worth 1.35"

        lol, you are not serious are you? the book value includes
        about 91M of inventory which they will be lucky to get
        60M for. It also includes about 70M of fixed assets
        which could lose much of its value when they start
        closing stores. For the months of April, May and June
        they have been losing money hand over foot. The second
        they declared BK the value of the stock became worthless.
        It has been pointed out before, the book value of
        worldcom the day they stop trading was over $12.00 a
        share, the shareholders lost everything.
        These shares should be selling for under a penny,
        and will in a few days or weeks. Just like Enron or
        worldcom or others before them, some believe that a magic
        bullet will be found to save shareholder's equity. It
        aint going to happen. Within a few weeks they will stop
        trading and shareholders will lose eyerything.