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  • itflies2 itflies2 Mar 22, 2011 9:16 PM Flag

    VGR or the Bank

    Lets see 1 percent on a money market or 2.5 percent on a five year cd I will take my chances on VGR with 10 percent divi selling a cheap leagal narcotic just go to a smoke shop by your house and watch there stuff fly off the shelves I hope the two mopes Cramer and Greenberg bash it again so i can really load up bougt some today and sleeping good tonight!!! Any thoughts

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    • Hey there, i did'nt reinvest divi's. just want to get out when i break even with stock price. got $1100 to go. good luck to all.

    • Picked up the latest divi and hope to sell in the $17.60 to $17.80 range.

    • I see three possible problems with your logic ... if this is indeed monies held as a cash reserve against sudden health/employment/financial crisis, then IMO, it should continue to remain liquid and cash only.

      Everyone should have 6 months living expenses held as a cash reserve. I would not advocate "investing" those cash reserves.

      Secondly, comparing a savings deposit in a bank and buying a stock ... there's the huge risk delta bank versus stock (using a pre-bank meltdown perception of banks as "safe").

      Lastly is the question of where VGR falls on the risk profile for stocks. VGR is 5-6% of my portfolio but I recognize the ~14.5% payout is a real indication of VGR's higher risk.

      When VGR's 14.5% is compared with MREITs at 12-18% and E&Ps at 5-7% ... I believe the associated risk is easily identified ... the stock's ownership presents a high level of risk.

      As long as you're not using the grocery money, recognize the risk and accept possible consequences of that risk ... then I say consider buying this stock ... but never ever with your cash reserves.


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      • Good point and I agree with you this is not house money I call this my kiss stock keep it simple stupid I usually get out around 20 watch it get beaten down like a red headed step child and jump back in charts dont lie!! I really dont think this stock goes higher than $22 in the near future and I do think debt will be an issue but cash flow is good a buy out is possible I watch it close and keep my finger on the ejector seat have had a good run so far who knows!!!!

    • Hold VGR and soon you will buy the bank. Then you can set your own rates on the CD's.

      Best, BB

    • I totally agree. I'm several dollars above avg cost per/share so ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no reason to leave now.

    • Well, just a little nervous based on all the analysts comments and yacking. big insiders holding shares, ichan, frost, etc.. im in vgr for about 2.5 years or so. based on stock depreciation and divis received i am probably at break even. bought in at $22 or 23. so maybe one percent is better. always the fear of divi cut, per analysts. good luck

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