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  • willyismywang willyismywang Nov 30, 2004 8:36 PM Flag

    Willy Griffiths

    Champion has been infected by this guy. Some of you that have worked for him should give us some insight as to his character. He has B.S.'d some into believing he is a decent leader, I'm not one of them. Was it a blessing that he left your company, or a Godsend? We are at CHB, please post there.

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    • Bill was a standup guy at Waukesha Cherry-Burrel prior to the infestation of SPX.
      From what I could see, most of the employees liked working for him.

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      • I agree with cliffisher...

        Before Griffiths came on board, the management of Cherry-Burrell was a bunch of good ol' boys. The prez's modus operandi was intimidation. The VP of Engineering doctored people's time cards to get out of paying OT. The VP of Sales had a 5 yr plan on which zero was accomplished when he was let go. The one thing that stands out in my mind about him was of a few years before Griffiths came on board: There was a layoff and the very next day this VP shows up at the factory with a brand new caddy.

        United Dominion (UDI) hired Griffiths as a hatchet man to prep Cherry Burrell for sale. After he did his research, he discovered value in the company, so he recommended that UDI keep the company.

        Yes, there was a layoff, but he did some good re-structuring that got us back on track. He got us doing things differently, not just doing the same things with fewer people.

        He eventually rose in UDI and became prez (I believe) of the combined Waukesha Cherry-Burrell.

        Sharp guy; memory like a steel trap; straight shooter; a leader, not a bureaucrat. I have a lot of respect for him.

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