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  • jerrygarcia_61073 jerrygarcia_61073 Dec 9, 2004 12:20 PM Flag

    Fenner Fluid Power/SPX-Rockford

    Anyone know how these guys are doing or what the plan for them are?

    Have heard it is like revolving door out there with people staying for a short period and gone.

    Any thoughts appreciated!!


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    • Appreciate all your comments RE: Rockford plant/Fenner

      I have some great interest since I have a son working there and they seem very scattered from what I here...

      It sounds like the new purchasing and engenieering people may be starting to get it together from what I 'v heard...


    • You are probably right regarding Fenner being a good company-I believe the management team who put the deal together are to blame, but I also cannot believe that Captn Bly would approve such a deal.

      Powerteam in Owatonna was a top notch plant with good manufacturing practices and state of the art processes, with a skilled team of people-well most of them anyway. I cannot believe the top management at Powerteam didn't stand up to the corporate goons who suggested such a merger. They should of fought to stave off the sale.

      Good luck Fenner

    • On my first trip to Owatonna I knew that something was not right. The plant there was a much better setup to merge the two Co. into.

      What most people seam to be missing through all of this, is that Fenner was a dang good Co. also. Fenner did not bring OTC down. Both were donig just fine. Then..........well you know the rest of the story.

      I have seen a lot of great people have some bad things happen to them. People who moved to Rockfrord to stay with (OTC)SPX only to lose thier jobs to the "outsource" plan. Thank God that was stopped before all 90 to 120 pepole lost thier jobs.

      Only time will tell what will happen to the rest of us. We are all looking with hope to the futrue. Some of the new management truely seam to have a good plan to get Fluid Power back on track and someday back on TOP.

    • As far as how we are doing, We are doing just great. As far as the plans for us.....WE HAVE NO CLUE. We do have a high rate of turn over with new people; However we do still have a hand full of us still here from the pre SPX (Fenner Fluid Power) days. It remains to be seen just what is going to happen to us.

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