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  • spyeman spyeman Mar 19, 2003 10:51 AM Flag

    Heather Jones to seek exile!

    Her bull dyke lover yolanda to join her!!!

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    • you are the one that evidently needs a lesson. track record? first of all they paid an enormous multiple for IAT biz which they will never recoup. paid 1.25x revs for a business in which the publicly traded comps that you so graciously have pointed out have nevr even traded at 1x revs. total insider deal as IAT biz is a Mohammad number. i guess they thought they got a good price since they have been selling the heck out of FDP stock ever since. you moron, future cash flow? you have got to be a sell side analyst throwing that b.s. around. if i've learned one thing in the last 5 yrs it is that not one analyst has a clue about future cash flow. btw, Standard hasn't grown their biz in 3 years.
      In addition to the crazy IAT mulitple check out the multiples on the Poultry crap they are still buying in. as netbuffet just pointed out, this is a serious insider deal. paid 1x revs for a business with 3% gross (that's gross) margins. no public comp (not even tyson) has ever traded above .7x rev. son, as you called me, you are a fool for defending these guys. maybe you're an insider? you speak arabic? have any friends at gitmo right about now?

    • >>you really should be able to understand basic business math if you are going to start throwing purchase models around<<

      Where do you people get the nerve to come up with garbage you post here? Ok son, today's lesson, call it Produce/Finance 101: There are only 4 major public produce entities, CQB, DOL, FDP & Fyffes. CQB doesn't have earnings. DOL has a P/E of around 12, and Fyffes is around 10. DOL's price is comprable to 6-7x EBITDA so your analysis is flawed.

      In the world of M&A, you pay for future discounted cash flows. FDP clearly sees the value potential in this acquisition. The track record proves that they know what they are doing, can't argue with facts.

    • Bear Stearns never fed information to anybody, HJ and BBT were the first to know about a BS lawsuit and all the other misrepresented claims and spread the word every time. Heather's name looked good in the New York Times I bet as a child she dreamt of that day.. too bad nothing good comes for free.. HA HA HA yummy 640 million dollars.

    • How come Bear Stearns and its analyst were not named as co-conspirators in FDP's lawsuit?

    • match made in hell, I wish I could sue Cabal, he paid 460 million dollars cash, to stay out of jail..

    • 6-7x EBITDA is higly excessive in this environment. The public market values of fresh produce companies are not even close to that. In fact, if FDP is trading at 3x EBITDA and buys a business for 6-7x (which equates to over 15x eps) it is also highly dilutive. again jp got a great price and nobody can blame him for that. funny how he acts like it was his business. guy got it from daddy-in-law. hopefully his wife is getting her share. the guy is a total prick but clearly a smart business man and a savy deal maker. you really should be able to understand basic business math if you are going to start throwing purchase models around.

    • Wrong in your guess regarding my profession. I actually know more about the produce industry than you ever will but that is besides the point here. Paying 6-7 times EBITDA is a good deal for the buyer as well. Remember that JP was in talks with other entities as well until FDP contacted him. The fit between the two companies is as strategic as it gets and the synergies to be realized will be enormous, on their buy and sell side. There is nothing to determine regarding the Dallas market, they own it, plain and simple. Call a couple of your pinhooker associates down there, they'll tell you.

    • No matter your quotes,your post confirms my previous impression.

    • clearly you don't know the company that well. vegetables are not a new product for FDP. that is the problem with these message boards. most of you spew inaccuracies all day long. see below excerpts from 2001 20-F:

      Our global business, conducted through subsidiaries, is primarily the
      worldwide sourcing, transportation and marketing of fresh produce. We source our
      products (bananas, pineapples, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelons, grapes,
      non-tropical fruit (including citrus, apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines,
      apricots and kiwi), plantains, Vidalia(R) sweet onions and various greens)...
      Our fresh-cut fruit products include pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew,
      watermelon, grapes and kiwi, and our fresh-cut vegetable products include
      broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots and greens.

      Gee, onions, fresh greens? sounds a lot like vegies in my opinion. Hmm? That is directly out of the 20-F from last year. Over 1 year before they acquired Standard. Thanks for you inaccurate input.

    • thanks don't need a medal. you sound like some wall street sell-side analyst just trying to make this thing sound good. $100 mm in cash for Standard is a steal for the guy selling. That's why he's selling. Think about it. Has been a family business for a long time. They got an offer they could not turn down. As for owning the Dallas market, I guess that is yet to me determined. Again, you sound like someone glossing over the actual facts (i.e. a wall street inv banking whore).

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