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  • dcmorlando dcmorlando May 7, 2004 7:28 AM Flag

    Hey Leon

    Before you get a chance to post it from the packer:

    During the transition phase, bananas are imported into the European Union on the basis of past trading patterns, so traditional importers like Dole and Chiquita get 83% of the quota. Nontraditional importers get 17% of the quota.

    Still not selling my leaps.

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    • thats bad news for mhm

    • you win. Seeing some stregth in the LIBOR. Our bond trader is saying rates up 1% one year from now.

    • I know your nice-but a lively debate is always a pleasure regardless of ones kindess. I don't have time for this one-and I was 1/2 kidding. You surely don't mean that 30 year old experiment that refuses to defend itself defies my hypothesis-do you? It's a baby democracy that's holding onto it's socialist roots. I'll go with a full blown democracy-capatilism thriving (after adopting the Euro) by 2025-and maybe an army within ten years of that.

    • Altavista translation
      The European Union proposes a tariff of 300 euros by each ton
      Banana: they are in risk 90 million dollars
      The banana industry of the country is combat ready.
      The proposal of European Union (UE), to impose a tariff of 300 euros by ton as of year 2006, is rejected by the sector.
      Carolyn Gleason, expert in handling of the conflicts in the World-wide Organization of Comercio (OMC) and Brent Borrell, director of the Center of Economy the International, have a pessimistic analysis of which it will happen to the Ecuadorian fruit if the regime based single on tariffs is approved. to take shape the exposition of Europe, Ecuador would lose at least 90 million dollars to the year.
      The experts consider that a tariff in those levels would imply that the State lets receive between 6% and 7% in taxes, because the demand in that market would lower 50%.
      With a rate greater to 75 euros 20% of the European Community would be lost.
      The consultants, who will travel to Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama having explained the reaches of the proposal, indicated that in the property there would be a great percentage of unemployment and a contraction of 1% of Producto Interno Bruto (PIB).
      The UE tries to protect the African and communitarian producers, but causing a damage to the agriculturists of Latin America. The ex- ambassador of Ecuador in Brussels, Alfredo Pinoargote Cevallos, showed that the dangerous thing is that Ecuador still does not assume a position in a so delicate subject. "the UE established 300 euros and we are going to request 75. But surely there will be no an agreement, therefore, Europe would fix its burden ".
      If that happens it will request one or two arbitrations and if its decision is not fulfilled it would have to consider a panel before the OMC, that will last three years. "Actually if it does not have an agreement will prorogue the present regime, that is good because we have increased the exports to that market". As they are the things we go in collision route, but when we put a new panel comes the true negotiation there, Pinoargote says. The process is written. In May the negotiations are due to begin, that do not have to last beyond September of the 2005. Ecuador is the main exporter of the world.

    • However given that global reefer capacity is set to shrink significantly with the number of vessels projected for scrap this year and that off-season rates are looking as firm as they have done in quite some time, Seatrade may be well ahead of the game. With old freezers currently worth more dead than alive, particularly as Bunkers are so high, it comes as no surprise to learn that the 561�cbft blt�82 Proliv Viktoriya has been fixed for a dry cargo trip with sugar from Brazil to Chittagong. Reefer Trends understands that sister Amanda 1 has already been fixed for demolition at a value close to US$400/ldwt.

    • In the framework of the EU-Mercosur negotiations, the EC may be willing to propose an autonomous quota of 30K MT of bananas ???????? to the Mercosur countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil).
      Such a quota would be managed on a "first come first served" basis, where no licence would be needed. The tariff that would apply would be set at �37.5 per MT, representing a 50% reduction if compared to the tariff applicable in the current regime. If you listen carefully enough, you can hear a toast to the EC being raised in Coral Gables.

    • Very funny! Excellent post. Sorry Leon, but that was just too good. Bullseye!

    • Thanks, I will try to pick it up soon. Won't do it this weekend because swamped at work. People out, business is booming. I grew up around Gladstone MO. Folks still there. Nice to see someone with the same background on the board.

    • I was trying to be nice. If you want to argue, lets start small. Sweden?

    • "authoritarian govts that give an ear to the peoples concerns"

      I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.

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