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Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Message Board

  • they post next week. Does anyone see an effect on this stock? I would bet they miss and that FDP declines in "sympathy". Does anyone see them making their numbers? and why? thanks.

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    • Dc, do you have an idea on the margins?

      McDonald's delights Del Monte
      To the delight of key fresh produce supplier Del Monte, fast-food chain McDonald's has credited its change of focus onto healthy options for its biggest sales increase for 17 years.

      The burger giant's UK outlets have reported encouraging uptake of its fruit slice and salad meal offers since their introduction in the last 18 months.

      Del Monte supplies 100 per cent of the franchise operation's fruit and 80 per cent of its salads requirement. "This really is excellent news," said Clark Ross of Del Monte Fresh Packaged Produce (UK). "It is good to be a part of it." Del Monte started supplying sliced apples and grapes to McDonald's in April last year and went nation-wide with the restaurant's salad requirements in March. One of the supplier's other big projects has been providing sliced tomatoes into McDonald's two new healthy-eating products.

      The new range was launched as a practical response to the widespread backlash McDonald's was receiving from a more health-conscious nation.

      The company registered its first quarterly loss last year, but has now posted quarterly net income of �320 million, a 25 per cent year-on-year uplift; the biggest since 1987.

      Detractors believe that the expansion of the healthy options offer is less of a driver of the increased sales than the widening of the offer as a whole. Whichever is correct, McDonald's has righted the ship and looks set to continue with its major drive to enhance its public image through its salads and fruit. And Del Monte is continues to work with the restaurant chain about new lines for the UK market, as well as the rest of Europe

    • On 12 July the wheels were set in motion on the road to the single tariff for bananas with the EU authorising the EC to open negotiations at the WTO with the major stakeholders. The EC is tasked with designing a simple single tariff system to replace the existing quota and licence system. Instead of requiring a quota allocation and a licence to import bananas, post 1 January 2006 the expanded EU market will be deregulated and open to all.
      To date,at least three econometric analyses have been commissioned to review the impact of varying tariff rates on the EU market and the consequences for the Dollar, ACP and European producer nations. Unsurprisingly perhaps, all of the reports have come to very different conclusions. Unsurprising because of the sheer number of uncontrollable variables involved, the differing motivations of the prime movers and by whom the analyses were commissioned!
      The EC has a tough job -it has to satisfy both its commitment to European and ACP producers and its commitment to the WTO. It is difficult to see how a consensus can be achieved with,at one end of the scale, the Dollar producers demanding a low tariff and implicitly threatening to seek arbitration at the WTO if they don 't get what they want, while at the other end,the EU producers
      claim they are facing meltdown if they don't get above � 300 per ton.Earlier this week,the Spanish Government made a statement supporting the Canary Island producers ' demand for a � 295 per ton tariff.
      In the middle stand the most vulnerable producers of the ACP nations. While the West African producer nations,with multi-national support,are better placed to cope with a low tariff, the long-term future of Caribbean banana production looks bleak given the region 's relatively high production and logistics costs. However unless the West African producers can improve their fruit quality to match that of the Dollar fruit,the multi-nationals may lose their patience, particularly if they continue to experience related logistical problems such as the destruction of the bridge over the River Mongou in Cameroon,which cut a vital supply line from the production area to the port. Only last week Del Monte offered to invest US$120m in banana production in Brazil, ostensibly to encourage the Brazilian Government to negotiate for an increased quota but perhaps also revealing its longer-term intentions.
      reefertrends week31

    • Which one is the best?

      Dole Food Co. reported the following results for its quarter ended June 19 in a Form 10-Q filed on July 29 with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
      Quarters ended June 19, 2004 June 14, 2003
      Net revenue $1,315,959,000 $1,216,822,000
      Operating income $117,708,000 $68,579,000
      Net income $67,943,000 $17,901,000
      Meanwhile, Dole Food named Richard Dahl president and chief operating officer on July 29. Dahl had been the company's chief financial officer since 2002; in 2003 he was named to Dole's board of directors.

      • 2 Replies to LeonMusa
      • 1) First, credit to Dole. Great moves.

        2) Second, David is a Bajillion years old! Time to retire. But what if Dahl is better?

        3) CQB can't fire the executives it just hired. Can you say CQB = roadkill?

        should be an interesting run. If Dole and FDP weren't moving apart I would be worried. CQB will provide the basis on which both will grow. Do you have any comments about Cirio? I guess it is too early for WTO movement? Is the small size of the pines in Coute de ivory normal for this time of year or would you expect them to be competitive later on? When FDP replants their new acreage, what effect can we expect on the ACP/EC trade? How is the russian import business? Thanks! regards dcm!

      • Going to leave this question alone. Dole has been able to access the capital markets very successfully. Continuing to acquire assets even though balance sheet looks leveraged. Have turned around the flower business. CQB lost sales in E. Europe. Question is, will they remain a player in emerging markets or just sell bananas while moving into new products.

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