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  • golf4444michael golf4444michael Apr 18, 2005 3:24 PM Flag

    WHAT A PIECE OF SH!@ FDP IS.........

    lets see,<br>oil still at $50.<br>we are now below the january 26th break out level.<br>commodity prices going south.<br>bananas, are so uncertain (pricing)<br>increased competition in melons, pineapples<br>commodity costs rising.<br>transportation costs rising.<br>what effect will honduras have on stock, how long will this draw out for.<br>GO <z�><z�><z�><z�>GO F!@# yourself PREGNANT.<br>shady management.<br>stock can't EVER support a high.<br>SEE YOU AT 25

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    • One million boxes (24x1kg) Greek canned peached still in stock. Will they in the inventory? At which price?

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      • They had to be in inventory at cost.

        Now, I have a question for you, Prod, or Gup. I was at my local Wal-mart and I bought a huge gold pine for $2.98. Problem is, it was not FDPs, it was Frontera Fresh. I also noticed it was fully ripe, not a couple of days green so one could assume Wal-mart could have gotten a special deal because the company could not move its product.

        This did not look like an in store special, so I went out to the Agrisol site to see where we stood for the year. Looks like volumes are flat. Now I could mark this off to a special or a one time event - but I am just curious if you guys in the industry have any idea what pricing/margins look like? Has Wal-mart gained the upper hand over FDP or would you think this is an aberration which will work itself out in a short period of time? Would appreciate any insight you guys can give.

      • Where do you get this info?

        Something is being lost in translation as I don't know what you mean,

        "Will they in the inventory? At which price? "

    • Golf:

      Your vulgarity is in line with your absence of credibility. We are still above 30. At 28 you pontificated that we were headed to less than 25. You told everyone to go make love to themselves and then ... when you were proven to be an idiot, moron and the like ... you disappeared.

      You may want to check melon, pine and banana pricing for the first quarter. It will be a very good quarter, but ... you have probably been driving your range cart picking up balls 16 hours a day so that you have not had time to check.

      Glad to see our board expert is back.

    • Golf seeing as you are the perfect contra indicator FDP should be good for at least up $1 tomorrow. LOL

      I will eat a Wendey's fruit bowl in your honor. Earnings will be stellar.

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