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  • marieldon2001 marieldon2001 Dec 1, 2006 11:52 AM Flag

    Only morons believe Arabs!

    Clearly the "Trust me" request of Mohammed in his Analyst Call is wearing thin.
    Simply stated, Arabs are shit businessmen because they are short sighted. They think, having risen above the unwashed in their country, they are better than the rest of the World.
    Arab businessmen believe that they are above women (their sisters and mothers.)
    Arabs are inferior intellectually.
    There is no discussion here because the vegetable stand continues to lose money.
    Mohammed, your carrots can only be served up your arse!
    Guess that is the only pleasure left to you!

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    • my God u just never get it...I dunno if u just spend ure day looking at the web for this shi tell u the truth i dont have time to come in every day and reply to u and ure retard friend's messages so this is my last message cuz ure opinions arent really a big deal...and u losers marieldon and stansproxy obviously have alot of free time on ure hands...once again u prsent an article about 3rd world Islamic extremists who make up their own rules...doesn't mean anything...and to tell u truth i duinno what the hell ure trying to prove here...i started off by sending u a message about how u always bash this board and u reply by showing me articles about extremists??...dont see the relation but ooook...haha what a retard...goodbye

    • KARACHI (Reuters) - Thousands of Islamist protesters demonstrated in southern Pakistan on Sunday against a new law that reduces the burden of proof on rape victims by allowing them to seek justice without the need for four male witnesses.

      The Women Protection Bill, signed into law last month, was seen as a key test for President Pervez Musharraf's philosophy of "enlightened moderation" for his predominantly Muslim country.

      The protest in the country's biggest city of Karachi came a day after Musharraf ruled out any changes to the law despite calls from the Islamists.

      Some 10,000 supporters of the Islamist parties, most of them bearded, chanted slogans of "Down with Musharraf" and "Down with the Women Protection Law" at the rally and demanded the government scrap the law.

      The law takes the crime of rape out of the sphere of the religious laws, known as the Hudood Ordinances, and puts it under the penal code.

      Under the Hudood Ordinances, which were introduced by a military ruler in 1979, a rape victim had to produce four male witnesses to prove the crime, or face the possibility of prosecution for adultery.

      "We reject this law because it is unIslamic and also against women rights," Fazal-ur-Rehman, a senior leader of the main Islamist alliance and opposition leader in the National Assembly, parliament's lower house, told the rally.

      Rehman said the law is a conspiracy to make Pakistan a "free sex zone".

      "It is a fight between the liberals and the religious believers... and we will continue our protest against this unIslamic law," he said.

      Controversy over the reform of Islamic laws has highlighted a long struggle between progressives and religious conservatives over the direction of Pakistani society.

      Women's groups have called for the total repeal of the Islamic laws, which still ban sex outside marriage and stipulate that women adulterers can be stoned to death. But they have hailed the new law, saying it would help mitigate sufferings of thousands of women.

    • ... Like I said before...all you do is come here and trash the stock and Arabs etc....get a life u sure everyone on the board here agrees...u r just an annoying, VERY BITTER person and now seem to be on crack...."arab businessmen think they are better than their mothers and sisters"??? what r u talking about u fuc kin retard....first of all...know what u r talking about (u said he rose above those 'unwashed' others in the middle east...lemme tell u something...those people in the middle east actually make more money than u will ever dream of)...and second...this isnt a cultural debate...go to some other board for that...Im sick and tired of coming on to this board trying to see some good discussion about the stock and ending up reading stupid messages like u can reply and bash all u want cuz...well...we know u will..but i just wanted to get my message across...and im pretty sure every1 here u can take that mouse and stick it up ure ass...

    • wow-when you run out of crack, you really hit bottom hard. try not using a PC until your next hit.

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