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  • b_billy_bosco b_billy_bosco Jan 7, 2006 9:34 AM Flag

    Profit taking for CMED?

    heres some findings from several experiments:

    CONCLUSION: The low morbidity, minimal invasiveness, avoidance of systemic side effects, and potentially curative effect make HIFU a potentially useful option for the treatment of localized prostate cancer.

    Because of its ability to induce hemostasis at adjustable depth, HIFU may prove to be a useful cauterization method both in the operating room and for patients who are managed nonoperatively.

    Histology reports of radical prostatectomy specimens of patients operated 7-12 days after HIFU treatment showed marked and complete necrosis in the treated area

    Results obtained since 1993 demonstrate that transrectally administered HIFU treatment achieves local control of localised prostate cancer in 80% of cases, with 70% complete success and 30% partial response

    HIFU may provide a useful method of achieving hemostasis for arteries and veins in a variety of clinical applications.

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    • Thanks for the post.things look really good for cmed.i can't wait until she really takes off.good luck to all.this is a great product.maybe not a cure all,but anytime you can stop the spread of cancer your doing something very big.ask anyone who has had cancer or knows some who has.