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  • fritzdutchrio fritzdutchrio Mar 27, 2006 12:22 AM Flag

    want to make some $$$-saleem

    I too appreciate this board being clean and informative. THankyou saleem for your positive information.
    I am new to these message boards but they can be helpful too. Just wondering if you have any other stocks you think will do well.
    After milking cows for 27 years and working 7 days a week all that time. i am dang well ready to make some easy money once... We still work 7 days a week but arent tied to the clock like we were when milking cows. My husband has a lumberyard in town also which is only 1/4 mile from our farm ...we now raise holstein steers, and are presently calving out range cows. so we do work and earn our money the hard way.. so would be nice to make some easy money once..
    Saleem, do you follow gold stocks. Like Goldcorp..

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    • Thank you for being appreciative of my post alongwith few others...Just trying to be as accurate & optimistic as possible.

      CMED will workout "great for all longs ,just have to be a long term patient investor...Rome was not built in a day"

      NDAQ is my other holding which I expect to do equally well.

      NDAQ is the most attractive priced exchange stock which is ready to move after 5 months of consolidation.

      NDAQ is in the process of bidding for LSE.L which is London Stock Exchange.....NDAQ was bid down to disseminate this impending takeover.

      NDAQ currently trades at $40++ and has a target of $60.

      Being in Canada I am very familiar with all gold stocks and have traded them frequently.

      Goldcorp is best of breed followed by Glamis gold.Among juniors Kinross gold is a good one and Bema gold is the cheapest of all....I like these "technically".

      Try to take it easy now..maybe 5 days work week then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 then well deserved retirement$$$$$