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  • saleemakhtar87 saleemakhtar87 Apr 5, 2006 11:49 AM Flag

    CMED "improving/nas going lowerBuy sig

    "CMED is slowly improving and nasdaq going lower".

    CMED is giving "my technical 101 BUY signal imho"

    CMED "great fundamentals can be ignored for so eventually plays a major role in determining its stock price"

    I am "proud to be a believer in fundamentals of CMED"

    CMED to be held very long term for the best gains imho

    "ignore the noise and do the smart thing...BUY BUY BUY CMED$$$$$$$$"

    Good luck to all,


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    • I meant to say 28+

    • good luck saleem. way to go regarding CMED.It will cross 22+ tomorrow

    • xxyy88,

      I am extremely happy with GRRF tape action today.

      GRRF was down 3 days in a row and was hitting "resistance in 17.70 area all 3 days".

      GRRF volume was very low yesterday and was anaemic this am.

      GRRF tape was "very strong even on low volume and it stayed green all morning".

      "GRRF just took off in the afternoon and closed at $18.10 UP $1.39 20 cents from high of the day"

      Tomorrow will be an interesting day for GRRF & CMED.

      CMED will close "green tomorrow imho...this is my technical 101 with no chart pattern to support it....I should call it intuition 101 from hereon.

      All of us will be happy to see CMED in green tomorrow at close$$$$$$$

      Good luck to all CMED longs...."we deserve a break tomorrow"


    • punbr, if you read my message this morning, i did state that i bought more CMED at 27.5 plus June 30 calls.
      I always like stocks with high growth, cash, little debt and profitable. Both CMED and GRRF are in that criteria.
      I can see GRRF picking up steam after its first earning report. I wish I have bought more this morning. I am considering adding more if GRRF remains in solid ground. Of course, that means I need to go to my piggy bank again, PFE.

    • xxyy--Ahh, the limitations of the message board. I have been reading the board, but when you said "By the way", it sounded like you were switching subjects back to CMED. I thought you accidentally typed a "1" instead of a "2", and truly did buy more CMED. If you added GRRF, so much the better. I spoke to a Bear Stearns broker today who made an off the cuff remark that they will probably come out with a buy recommendation sometime soon--currently they are restricted from touting the stock.

    • punbr,
      turk217 is right. if you have read the messages the last couple of days, you would realize saleem and I are talking about CMED and GRRF, if CMED is not at 17.34, then it must be GRRF.
      And you should also realize that, I am very very long in CMED.


    • punbr,

      I'm pretty sure that was his GRRF buy in price, that's what he was talking to saleem about following.

    • VIMC, GRRF along with other chip makers such as, BRCM, RMBS, OVTI, SNDK, AMD are making big move today.

      I'd like to see if CMED can hold up around $27.2 by the close, then it would be very positive going forward into earning season.

      Good luck! Let's make money!

    • xxyy88--I would like to know where you shop, because I would also like to buy some CMED for $17.34. In fact, I'll give you $20 a share for all you have, LOL. I'm no technician, but if we can hold here or move higher prior to the close, I think we have seen the lows. Good luck to you and all longs.

    • You are a moron!

      secondary purchaser short sold the damn thing for last few weeks and covered the short with their seconodary stock now that they are out of the market it is diluting the share price. Your p/e of lower 20 is wrong because you have to take the new secondary stock in account also their growth has slowed

      you are the biggest moron in the board

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