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  • fritzdutchrio fritzdutchrio Apr 5, 2006 12:02 PM Flag

    CMED "improving/nas going lowerBuy sig

    its good to read positive on message boards instead of nonsense. i think these boards are meant to be helpful to other investors and thanks to you and Saleem, you are doing your part. I think too, there is some positive news coming and this down fall will only be short. I too have sold worrying and only got hit worse when the stock shot upward. That is when it is a double whammy. Hang in there this is gonna get better after the conference in France is finished this week. 8,000 people attending. THat isnt peanuts if they thought this technology wasnt any good. Has to be interested people. Did you read about the conference too?

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    • no I have not read it but just my observation is EDAP's machine is limited to prostrate, but the key thing is it works. The stick a tube up you rear to use it. CMED's works on muliple organs that are brutal to have surgery on. CMED is aleady making money and has with out fail grown at over 50% for 4 straight years. Wow. China is not going backwards, they are going forward and CMEd is in a great growth market.