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  • xxyy88 xxyy88 Apr 13, 2006 7:33 AM Flag


    I don't want to comment more on Cramer's poor porfolio return last year which was single digit.
    And most of the time, when Cramer has bullish view on a stock, it's a sell sign, and vice versa.
    Just last week, he said, CMED was free money and the stock was due for a rise. That was when CMED was at 28+ level.
    Now, he is bearish at CMED when it is at 25 level.
    Can we trust this guy? Exercise your common sense and you will make the right call.

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    • Last night, Cramer pulled his comments out of his ass.Even the strongest stocks ALMOST always gravitate to the price of the offering,during a post secondary quiet period.The end of the quiet period is the time to load up.Ive played post secondaries as a strategy to take initial positions in strong stocks for years.It ALMOST never fails unless an unusual fundamental event happens or the overall market tanks.Here we,ve had the COMPX correct to its 50 day MA it seemed to hold.Very few earnings warnings.So i think the strategy would hold true here.

    • XXYY,

      I have always used "Cramer as a contrary indicator...his call generally confirms the top or bottom on any stock".

      I remember when someone called for NTES when it was trading at $56 area ..Cramer advice was "dont buy dont buy..because Chinese stocks are very hard to understand their business models"

      "NTES went from $56 to $102 since his call only two months ago"

      Cramer recommended & pounded the table on "SNDA at $16 two months ago and it is trading at $13 now"

      CRAMER'S recent rant is always wrong and is batting "0 lately" will be better off asking your dog what to do about any stock than Cramer.

      Cramer just turned sour on Tomo also after recommending last week...Cramer is the world champion of FLIP FLOP on a weekly basis.

      CMED has close to $100 million in cash and is all set to grow 60%in sales and 50% eps on a year to year basis.

      "CMED to bought & held with confidence".

      "CMED fundamentals are as bright as ever"

      "CMED selling totally dried up yesterday with very low volume..a good technical indicator"

      Good luck to all longs of CMED...the pain is almost OVER$$$$$


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      • Hi, Saleem,

        I was just about to mention the samething on his calls on NTES and SNDA. I don't dislike him for who he is; however, I no longer follow his advise as I used to.

        His calls have caused many stocks to have FAKE break out on the spiked volume, and vice versa, and many investors mistakenly made wrong decisions to get into those stocks because we thought their technical were improving. He really did opposite to help innocent TV viewers to make money in stock market.

        Regardless, in order to do well in stock market, we'd better to buy stocks in uptrend with average up, and cut loss promptly when the stocks voilate trend lines. So we can reserve capital to look for other potential winning trades.

        By the way, I had to sell all CMED position last Friday above $27 when it failed to hold up around that level, which was important to me technically. I will keep eyes on CMED and see if it can change the trend with good trading volume. Don't want to miss other trading opportunities in the earning season.

        Good luck to everyone!

      • Saleem,
        you are right. he hits a few now and then but one week he tells you to buy and the next week to sell. awhile ago he said not to buy RAD now he says to buy. JNPR too, said to forget about it and now to buy.. Awhile ago he said CMED was a brute for strength and now this opinion.. i am hangin in there with ya on this one. I think next week is gonna be good news after this quiet period.
        By the way, who do you trade with online. i have had a ton of trouble with scottrade.

      • Saleem,
        I read an article about Cramer couple of years ago. He had a startup that went IPO at the end of the bubble year. He conviced his wife, in-laws, relatives and a lot of his friends that, his startup will be a gold mine. It ended up that all those people lost their shirts by the time his company's stock price went down to pennies. And he personally admitted that, his advice brought a lot of damage to the relations to people who were very close to him. And he also admitted that, in terms of managing investment, his wife out performed him.
        I am amazed to see that he has his own show now doing those pumps and dumps and still there are people who are listenting to him and took his advices as investment tips.
        And you are absolutely right that, we should take his call as contrary indicator. Cramer's bearish call in CMED could be a good indicator that, CMED is on the way up from here.