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  • saleemakhtar87 saleemakhtar87 May 12, 2006 6:45 PM Flag

    CMED ready to RUN from monday $$$$$$$$$

    "CMED is more than ready to run from monday"

    "Sko is back in CMED with his bundle"

    "Most CMED believers did not sell in this mild pullback"

    "CMED made higher highs and higher lows in this healthy pullback on lower volume"

    "Ed & Idreamalot2 had nice things to say about technical picture"

    "We have anecdotal evidence of CMED fundamentals being pushed by Mark Skousen"

    "I personally believe that CMED is going to go on overdrive with their HIFU3 premium priced product"

    "CMED management is very credible and does not issues silly PR or other fluff"

    "CMED is all set to grow north of 50% yoy in both eps and sales"

    "CMED is a keeper for several years.....I will be around in this board for a long long time"

    "Good luck to all patient & faithful believers in very strong fundamentals of CMED"


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    • xxyy,

      "Thanks for your research on NTES with your Chinese IT friend"

      "Looks like NTES XYQ has set another new record on sunday as posted on NTES board"

      "CMED is looking good for today"

      "All Chinese stocks who do majority of their business in CHINA will benefit today because of the decision by Peoples Bank of China to let Yuan float higher against US$"

      "Rate of conversion as of this morning is over 8 yuan to 1 US$....

      "CMED & NTES will benefit with upward float of chinese Yuan in terms of sales & eps"


    • Just talked to a friend of mine in China about NTES. This guy is in IT industry. When I asked his opinion about NTES, I was told that, it's one of the best run internet companies and it's a power house. He told me I should keep it for long term. He is digging into CMED and GRRF for me. Will keep you guys posted.

    • Saleem,
      Yes, I read your NTES postings. Fundamentals are strong. Hopefully, NTES will surprise positively on Tuesday night, like BIDU did.

      The scary picture was for 6-month chart - it looks like a Head & Shoulder formation (bearish/scary). However, looking at the 9-months chart, it looked like a cup with handle, which bounced of the 90-dma on Friday (bullish).

      CMED chart is bullish, now that the 3-month downtrend is broken, as of last Monday.

    • Ed,

      "Did you read my posting on NTES board...I think you will like what I have researched"

      "Like CMED,NTES is all about STRONG Fundamental going forward"

      "NTES is moving in many many new areas like online travel,sports,auction.....some of these NEW business are not even listed in Yahoo profile or known to most investors"

      "I just keep digging in my relentless pursuit of fundamental news"

      "I am glad that you bought NTES inspite of your very scary technical picture"


    • Saleem,

      "US/Nasdaq just completed a much needed healthy pullback and most techs are sitting either at 50 dma or at or above 200dma.....I think Nasdaq will find support at friday's closing level imho"

      I agree with you that the Market will be up on Monday, based on CBOE Put/Call ratio ending up at 1.29. Anything over 1 is very bullish. It is very surprising that it got this high this fast.


      CMED has filled Mondays gap up (on higher volume) from Tuesday-Friday on low volume & it held 25.13 support. So, CMED should move up strongly next week (starting Monday) & challenge 50-dma (about 27.40).

    • punbr,

      "Thanks for your best wishes"

      "Writing covered call could be a good strategy right after earning report of both NTES & CMED"

      "I am expecting a big move UP on both NTES & CMED after a week of earning report"

      "I will try covered call strategy 5 business day after earning for slightly out of the money calls for next month strike"

      "As far hedge fund goes they do take bigger position and bigger risk & try to offset with a corresponding trade as short in the same sector or different sector"

      "A typical hedge fund trade looks like this long CMED short EDAP...long gold short tech"

      "CMED will surprise lot of traders now with its sudden spurt UP even against bad/flat US markets imho"

      "US/Nasdaq just completed a much needed healthy pullback and most techs are sitting either at 50 dma or at or above 200dma.....I think Nasdaq will find support at friday's closing level imho"


    • skywatcher384,

      "I have traded STP twice and made 3 points"

      "I may trade again before earning on thursday"

      "STP is one of the most volatile stock like NTES use to be"

      "Good luck to you in CMED,STP & other trades"


    • I am hoping CMED drops a few points so I can buy back in sooner than later.

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      • makinlootz,

        "Enjoyed reading your thorough, detailed in depth serialized executive summary of everything CMED"

        "If I were you I will not wait around for further price drop in CMED for various reasons"

        "First CMED may not go down to your dream number"

        "Little pain for a big gain is not a bad stress to go through"

        "CMED is very cheap as it is"

        "CMED has the same yoy growth in sales and eps as ISRG.....but look at the pe difference"

        "Thanks for your support in the meantime and hope you will be a shareholder very soon"


    • but it is stagnent for now............

    • First of all, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (5/13) tomorrow!

      We have been on both message boards of NTES and CMED for a long time. I really appreciate you as such a wonderful human being, despite our difference in trading and investing styles.

      I don't have much to say more about technicals on those stocks because things can change when the chart patterns develop. Do you remember that you said you would keep NTES for three years before you sold it? Better never say "Never".

      Nothing is wrong to change opinions about a stock when the condition changes. We don't have to prove to be toughest person in the stock market if our stocks are against us.

      But still it's nice to feel your positive energy!

      Best Luck with you all life time!

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      • Angela,

        "Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and wishing me so much in terms of your good thoughts"

        "It is a rare privilege to have so many people who have so much respect & love for each other"

        "it is so nice to see that we are all trying very hard to help each other make money or avoid losing money"

        " Nothing wrong in changing opinions or strategy if the corresponding hope is causing either too much stress or creating losses"

        "NTES fundamental was never an issue..I was so deep in loss last time that I was delighted to get out with small gain and take a breather"

        "Of all the people you know how both of us handled ourself with respect and sensitivity towards each other position"

        "NTES & CMED is like getting onboard with something which will grow over time as they both are in high growth area"

        "I do change mind if the fundamental picture is changing...technicals I am never sure...the most I pay attention is to RSI & slow stochastics"

        "Angela,I really enjoy sharing stock info with regulars like you and others on an ongoing basis..I am a believer & very loyal by nature and in all sincerity I would like to own CMED & NTES forever if I can see ongoing growth without too much hiccups"

        "I am quite fascinated by the growth of Chinese economy and for a person who has never ever played any computer games ...can you believe my fascination with online games in China...actually never seen one either"

        "And for a person who never stayed overnight in any hospital ever is so mesmerized by HIFU3 technology"

        "In the end sincere thanks for saying so many nice things and for guiding me in technical weakness in my chosen stocks...I always wanted to know more about technicals and it does fascinates me when people trade on those cup & handles"

        "Life is all about sharing knowledge,love affection and respecting each others point of view"

        "Have a very happy weekend"


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