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  • idreamalot2 idreamalot2 Feb 23, 2007 9:32 AM Flag

    CMED, a hodgepodge company!

    toddly: Good Post.

    However biased, it is ALWAYS good to have opposing views on this board...just to keep us in reality. We'll know soon whether this rocket ship has the fuel to get off the ground.

    Saleem, I think the mother of all resistance is at 29. Also, I wouldn't count on Tuesday as the mother of all dates for this stock to react. Why? Just because everyone thinks it will be. We may get a delayed reaction of up to a few days.

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    • Hi Idreamalot2,

      Thanks for your take on CMED future MOVES.

      I am very SURPRISED that none of the analyst of UBS & CREDIT SUISSE who are lead UNDERWRITERS of CMED has said anything POSITIVE lately.

      I was EXPECTING either an UPGRADE or UPPING of price TARGET for CMED.......

      It is interesting when you & I are both CAUTIOUS about CMED price appreciation......could we both be WRONG?

      The only FUNDAMENTAL reason which comes to my mind is some ACQUISITION RELATED cost for Q4....which may be tempering Analyst ENTHUSIASM in the SHORT TERM.

      I see STRONG growth in CMED business from Q1 imho.

      I guess Tuesday @ 830AM we will be able to EVALUATE the Q4 GUIDANCE by CMED.......


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      • Saleem:

        You've heard me say more than once that I judge this stock strickly by its techncial performance. When I first made my decision to buy this stock based on the fundementals, I never looked back at them again. Why? Because then you start second guessing management on its decisions. I NEVER SECOND GUESS management decisions AS LONG AS THE COMPANY EARNINGS AND GROWTH CONTINUE. I keep going back to the example of the convertible bonds which were UNIVERSALLY UNPOPULAR WITH THIS BOARD.

        Guess what? The market LOVED the use of the money with the
        acquistion of the FISH technology....and the stock's downtrend was stopped immediately in its tracks...and made a recovery gain WHICH IT STILL HOLDS.

        The reason I say this is because the acquision and the subsequent stock reversal is the strongest TECHNICAL reason to be positive about this stock. So with this and continued earnings growth, we cannot second guess the management by saying "What's wrong with this stock?" If I see something wrong technically, I'll let everyone know.

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