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  • madmonsoon2000 madmonsoon2000 Feb 22, 2007 1:14 PM Flag

    CMED, a hodgepodge company!

    CMED�s 30-40 cents rise (yesterday) is basically a sympathy effect with MR, which is a stronger and well positioned company for the future. The main flaw with CMED is its humpty-dumpty putting together business with no long-term plan.

    HIFU is far away any sure success. It can build another bigger machine but the buyers may not touch those machines. The jury is still out there about the effectiveness of HIFU therapy. The method targets specific tissues but can not differentiate between cancer cells from good cells. The treatment leaves dead tissues right after the procedure, which are prone to necrosis and can cause profound irreversible distress to the patients (check HIFU guideline,

    However, HIFU is a good and sexy business idea for businessmen and they will try to make a buck without thinking the future consequences.
    I do not believe CMED�s ability to make the machine or therapy any better considering its poor R&D expenditure. A better solution will probably come either from US or European countries! There are some two dozens companies working to solve the cancer problem with a more targeted way than a blunt hammer approach.
    For FISH to be integrated into CMED�s business, it will take some years to come with not knowing whether it can really solve the high throughput problem with the technology. I doubt about its capability. Again, it will need help from the west!
    The most troubling part of CMED business is its lack of details to investors. We do not know who is doing the accounting let alone the standard of accounting. No doubt it will beat all the projected numbers without disclosing much details.
    Only bright spot with this company is its ECLIA business. But, it must be facing stiff competition from companies like Roche and Fisher, which have superior products and deep pockets.

    PS. I will come back whenever I feel to respond. Any personal attack is basically sign of idiocy and desperation.

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