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  • madmonsoon2000 madmonsoon2000 Apr 9, 2007 9:39 AM Flag

    this board has gone to the dogs

    �what are you doing on this board constantly bashing the company? What is you position?�

    It looks like you people got all the rights to be on the board but not us who have opposite views about CMED. Well, my friend, we are not living in a communist state nor in any Islamic state that requires total submission to Carl Marx�s or Islamic laws. I have not questioned you or anybody about why you people have been posting here. So, please don�t go there!
    I can see my posts hurt you in your pocket. But I can�t let you or your mentors have a challenge free board for your false opinions. CMED has not moved anywhere but you people have failed to see the real reasons. If my criticism helps some hedge funds to take this stock down, I have no control over that. That tells me the stock is a weak one with no buyers stepping in when it trades lower. That is why I would not touch this stock! My interest in CMED is purely academic. And, it feels good being right.

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