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  • madmonsoon2000 madmonsoon2000 Jun 8, 2007 10:54 PM Flag

    CMED is not MR!

    Dear my communist friend,
    I was only trying to enlighten you with your dearest CMED. You have invested in a company that has under performed S&P500 index and also the Chinese index itself by big margin. Why is that? If Chinese are not buying it, you should stay away too. CMED had enough time to perform for investors but it did not. As an investor I would rather count my gold coins than waiting for roasted ducks to fly on to my mouth. CMED has to make money from FISH, not handouts from Chinese government. Please, do not mix up CMED with Chinese government. The government does not really care whether CMED got the FISH or not. A better FISH technology is already available in the market and being sold in China by Abbott! Would you prefer a CMED kit than Abbott�s? Probably not!

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    • You have missed my point.

      Coummunist Government. Goverment controlled procedure/technology reimbursement. Totally different than the US Medical industry.

      My point is China's medical industry will be about control of sickness, ailments, or serious lifelong medical condition before they occur.

      The US healthcare industry is based on perputuating sickness to make the industry larger to richer so more buracrates and the AMA make as much possible money off the tax base as possible.

      China will manage their industry for avoidance of cost.

      Read a little bit more about FISH and you will get it.

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      • My friend, stop smoking. Your points are well taken but I would like to see CMED performing for investors. I could careless how and when CMED going to prevent serious health problems with the help of Chinese government. I would not hold my breath for that.

        I am a scientist (life science) and know all about FISH (done it myself). Please,ask your questions!