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  • zbuxster zbuxster Jan 11, 2008 12:19 PM Flag

    (OT) Saleem

    Picked up a bit of SNDK a couple of days ago, just for fun. Looked at the chart. I have no idea what the FA is .... but should be good for a few. I'll be in trubbbbbble if there is some news I don't know, but its a small position.

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    • Hi Knstock,

      Yes I have been actively in markets for 40 years.

      I have been trading full time for 12 years.....

      I have made huge amount and also lost $100,000 in 87 crash.......

      Yes I have seen many bear market......

      Today's market is a serious correction..nothing more....

      One Bear market I have seen & suffered was from 1973 to august 1977......dow went from 1000 to 766...23.4% DROP in grinding 4 years.......I thought it will never end.....

      Hope I have answered most of your question......


    • Saleem just bought some SNDK shares today. It looks way oversold to me. Still sticking with CMED, VIP, CHL, NLY, LGF, UL. Nice market rally today! Good luck to all.

    • Hi Makinlootz,

      Bux has bought SNDK few days back.

      I will wait for their ER due this month and see how they are guiding for next Q & 08 fiscal year.

      But it is certainly interesting @ current price.

      I never hate or love any stock...they all have one purpose for me.....can I make a buck !!!!


    • The flash market is too competitive. While the stock has been crushed I do not see it recovering yet. I have hated this stock the whole way down and I still do.

      Economies of scale happen in all business. Flash prices are dropping far faster than cost savings.

      It gets what about 12% of its revenue from licensing?

      Why is it so cheap right now with prices that continue to rapidly decline? I still think it is too dangerous.

    • Hi Bux,

      In my 40 years of investing....

      I have NEVER seen a stock trashed like this....

      SNDK is trading @ 11.81 PE.....

      RSI is @ historic low of 20.77....

      FA wise Sales is expected to grow by 25.6%

      EPS consensus growth is 45.7%....

      I sold it last around $54++

      You should count on a quick GAIN....


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      • You should look at the charts of CFC and ETFC.

        Last night I spent some time looking at the story behind both of them. I think there was some MAJOR MAJOR bank and hedge fund manipulation (with crooked news media included) in the past week. As a result, BAC was able to get CFC for $4B with a BK story.

        Etrade I don't know. Ken Griffin (Citadel hedge fund manager) is a secretive but interesting character and he seems to have a plan involving an exchange. If Etrade manages to turn around (I hope they do -- I have an account there) it may be one of the the biggest turnaround stories of the past few years.