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  • theeseer theeseer Dec 20, 2008 11:50 AM Flag

    My Thoughts

    So far I'm the only one on this board who knows this business. I consulted to the USA competitor in the HIfU field and know the technology. The bottom line is that HIFU is a good but limited technology for solid tumors. It is still not approved in the USA and has not had the best results long term for patients from the USA who have had the procedure in Canada or Mexico for prostate cancer. China's version is not even considered to be as good the USA model. I personally think its a good procedure but only in very limited circumstances. So selling it is no big deal. There are three competitors worldwide and none are setting the world on fire.

    In addition the fish and reagent field is where the real money is and is a big deal. CMED is doing exactly the right thing to grow with recurring revenue and cutting edge products. I am a volunteer cancer worker, former clinic manager and currently I am a trader and investor and expect to build a position and trade this stock over the years. This stock is 50% undervalued and has a China government mandate. Go against this stock and you will lose.

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    • Can you comment on HPV-detection purchase? That's a technology with limited current sales. I called Winnie (IR), she summed up several comps to support the purchase price. Still why such a huge price tag for one technology without current sales?

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      • The company plans to develop more bioassays based on SPR that will go beyond detection of HPV. The following is From CMED press release.

        "The SPR System utilizes Surface Plasmon Resonance ("SPR") technology, the leading biosensor technology in molecular biology. SPR technology has been successfully used for the analysis of proteins, nucleic acids and viruses for the past 20 years and has become as a powerful platform for life sciences, drug discovery, medicine and food safety. HPV can be detected by adding pathological samples on the HPV Chip which is analyzed with the SPR System. The SPR System is label-free with high throughput, high speed and a high degree of automation. The detection results can be displayed on a real-time and online basis. The SPR System can be used in various clinical diagnostic applications, such as the detection of biomarkers related to infectious diseases, cancers, cardiovascular disorders and immune system disorders. The Company plans to develop and introduce more products for such applications."