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  • hearinya hearinya Sep 3, 2004 12:18 AM Flag

    Warren Buffet


    The greatest investor of all time preaches that the most successful investing strategy involves studying businesses (not stocks/prices) and making investments that will not be sold for ten years or more. Zimmer is the BEST investment to prosper from the aging boomer generation. Revenues are expected to triple over the next eight years. The beauty is that the estimate is not based on the economy, etc. This modest estimate is achievable based solely on demographics.

    Investing for the short term is like starting a new diet and checking your weight every five minutes to see your progress.

    Good luck to all....

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    • hearinya -
      Couldnt agree with you or Warren more. Great comments. Although I am new to investing one thing I have noticed on all boards is the abundance of people that moan, groan, and howl with every little twitch stocks make. Hehe, save a couple years on your lifespan and just look at it every other day instead -jmho.

      Growing up in Warsaw, IN and seeing Zimmer and all 5 ortho companys grow as they have I cant believe that they'll do anything but that based on demographics alone as you stated.
      Seems like common sense.

      Zimmer is definitely the biggest, but Biomet has tremendous potential as well and it's too bad that both are currently out of my price range or I'd be in for the long haul. Hopefully someday soon I can do that.

      As a matter of fact Im waiting to hear back from Zimmer about a job I applied for.

      Anyone else here from Warsaw?

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      • Buffet is the guru dejour because his portfolio did well during the last downturn. The truth is he holds a lot of dogs including KO. Maybe he should sell that trash.

        By the way there are some better performers then berkshire and they include GE and MMM. These companies pay dividends and the reason why you buy stocks is the promise of future dividends ( not earnings) and Berkshire has been around long enough and has failed to provide that buffer ( no pun intended).

        People love to put a face and a personality on
        investing and they make Warren the poster child. But they forget that Buffet was not a house hold name when his portfolio really sucked. The truth is boring stocks like Ge, IBM and MMM will take you to the road to riches faster and more safely when you consider they pay consistent divs. That said I'll buy Berk again when it falls to 2500. But I would really like to get my hands on MMM at 75, GE at 32.5 and IBM around 80.

        Zimmer Holdings to Present at Banc of America Growth Conference in San Francisco on September 22.

    • I agree except for one thing, Zimmer does not give out dividends. Also Procter & Gamble & Johnson & Johnson are much stronger companies.

      Have a nice holiday !!

    • This is definitely a buy and hold. Day traders like Swami are just nibbling on the edge of the greatest oportunity in the market. I'm betting ZMH will go to $200 within five years, and I'm betting six figures.

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