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  • solara5 solara5 Dec 17, 2008 11:52 AM Flag

    Universal Health Care - Introduction

    of a more universally available health care system in the U.S. by Obama will change, for millions, a costly somewhat discretionary expenditure, to one that is covered by medical insurance and therefore one a person would proceed with rather than live with the pain of joint failure. There may be some time before this all kicks in, but before 2009 end, I think there will be a significant increase in joint replacement. Is my reasoning wrong?

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    • universal health care will be a disaster ,go to canida it is the worse health care you will ever can wait weeks to get broken bone set.hip replacement you have to be kidding !!!if obama lets far left push us into it. god help care stocks are down for good reason.

    • It is wrong. Look at Canada or England. Both countries run out of money by mid year and nobody gets any joint. Moreover, based on what the Government is willing to pay, margins decrease and so does innovation. Orthopedic surgeons will leave the profession because they continue to work harder for less. Universal healthcare would be a disaster.

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      • ideology and parroting of right-wing talking points

        the world exists outside of your brain, and operates differently from how you've been brainwashed to believe by right-wing financial media

        facts, please

      • The market for joints in England has been increasing at pretty much the same rate as the US for the last 5 years and this year more than 100,000 hips and 100,000 knees will be implanted in the UK.

        That makes the UK about the same as the US in terms of joints per head of population (actually a little higher in hips).

        Price is pretty sick (a bit less than half the US price) but the market is very different.

        In the US, 70% of joints are done by guys doing less than 20 a year and the rep is usually in the room.

        In the UK 70% of joints are done by guys doing more than 150 a year and rep is not in the room.

        That means profits for the great Z are not so shabby there.

        It would be great if people in the US who need joints can get them (and I'm talking froma human level here).

        Maybe you got born a bit luckier than 95% of the worlds population and maybe life isn't just about money.......

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