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  • kissofmoney kissofmoney May 11, 2010 4:18 PM Flag

    The pool of .0003 sellers dried up. Buyer will soon up bids

    The few weak hands and those dumb enough to sell at .0003 is drying up with .0002 sellers completely dried as they were very few that got filled all day and all those were very small number of shares and seemed mostly designed for manipulation.

    Besides no stock in Wall Street ever stays static and THRR has no choice but to move. I am glad to see the longs are holding tight to their shares and are not willing to give them away for peanuts. The next move from the looks of things will be up (specially if we are to see any good volumes again).

    It seems we are at point that anyone wanting to buy any significant shares in a single order, or even in broken up orders, would need to start bidding at .0004 or above or else they would get grey haired waiting to get all the shares they need.

    Also another point is that Thresher is been quite and not responding at all to shareholders concerns expressed here or their emails or phone calls. I suspect there must be a reason for being so completely quite. It could be that another deal, or a rework of the same deal, is in the works or they've received a notice from an attorney or SEC and are keeping quite because anything they say can be used against them.

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