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  • keithhansonrealtor keithhansonrealtor Nov 3, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

    1-YR Return of -50%!

    I feel sorry for those of you who stayed in this horrible fund. Frank Holmes has been saying buy gold and gold miners as they have continued to plunge off the edge of the earth. If you have been believing Frank when he says, don't sell in May, September is historically good for gold, China is still buying, and miners are set to rebound (I think he's been saying this non-stop for years), you lost your shorts. Oh, and you were charged 1.45% or more to do so. SInce May 1, 2013, this fund has lost another 18%. Get out now before the annual dividend payout that you will owe taxes on!!

    Frank, if you want to attract investors, here's an idea - shut up until you can make positive returns.

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    • Rather than feel sorry you need to inform people what’s going on here.

      Frank Holmes is in the pockets of the Federal Reserve, just as was William Boyce Thompson, the founder of Newmont Mining and the first Chairman of the Federal Reserve. PM mining companies depend on financing for mine expansion. That “money” comes from banks that are part of the Federal Reserve System run by their elitist, mostly foreign, handlers. The last thing central banks want is to see PMs, which are real money, endanger their issuance of fiat counterfeit monopoly “money”.

      Holmes UNWPX fund is among the highest cost PM mining funds out there. Those costs go into Holmes pockets and that of his employees, so he could care less about those invested in his fund. To a degree that is true of all PM mining funds. Vanguard, by the way, advertises as being a low cost vendor of funds. Visit their website to discover just how high UNWPX costs are and compare them.

      The way around fund costs, passed on to the investor, is to look at the portfolios of top performing funds and the top performing PM mining companies in their portfolios. Invest in them, get the advantage of high performance from those high performing PM mining companies and avoid all the costs the funds pass on to their investors. In this way you will outperform the fund and avoid fund costs in doing so.

      We are now in an era where most have access to data on every aspect within the investment world. In the past that was only available through the literature provided by brokerage firms, or mail requests to companies of interest. There is no excuse for not making this relatively easy research.

    • Things will change when Obama stops the fake propping up of the US economy.

    • buy it when no one else wantsit...

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