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  • sassped sassped Sep 17, 2004 11:12 PM Flag

    GOP (Greedy Oil Party)

    We can not take 4 more years of Bush/Cheaney/Rove and his oil buddies
    The Stock market always does better under Dems
    Every recession and one deppresion there was a Republican in office

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    • Always amazed how may working pay check people call themselves a Republican

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      • openion

        We should not be stiff when it comes to the best interest of the country. If I am a republican and see a republican hurting my country I will do every thing I can to remove him and save the country. It is obvious what Bush has done to us; let his record speak for itself:

        1- Highest unemployment in over 40 years.
        2- Highest annual deficit ever (half a trillion dollars in one year)
        3- Turned our European friends into advisories.
        4- Turned over a billion Muslims against us.
        5- Helped Bin Laden recruit hundreds of thousands by showing his hatred to Muslims.
        6- Lied to us about Iraq's WMD. Plunged the country into unjustifiable war that has claimed the lives of over 4000 soldiers (this is the true number, the 1027 admitted by the pentagon is false, another lie)
        7- Killed over 50,000 Iraq's claiming he is promoting democracy
        8- Tortured hundreds of thousands of Iraqis claiming he is helping Iraq.
        9- Strapped so many Americans of their human rights hiding behind his war on terrorism.
        10- Put the interest of the Israelis ahead of our own interest covered up their espionage scandal and supporting Sharon in murdering the Palestinian children.

        If you are a patriot American, be it republican or democrat, side by the interest of your country not an individual who is destroying it.

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