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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 3, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

    JDSU chumps

    You want to be a chump? Make th sponsors play your game.

    Make them fill the gap at $11.40 or let them run and you find another one.

    Don't be chumps all your life. You want to make it run to $20 go for it but dumb retail isn't going to get sucked into.

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    • Re: "Justice is not blind these days,
      it is selective and schizo"

      One would only have to talk with a Gary Aguire, Markopolis to get an ear full.

      Or have a discussion with some real investigative journalists versus the comparitives to Baghdad Bob put in front of us to really get some factual details.

      Yet I'll present you with this for the many who lost their jobs and for them to really understand HOW.

      As I present this get your emotions out of it and just look at data points to fully comprehend what took place.

      During sept 2008 a MAJORITY decided to gamble to put themselves in a stronger position and VOTED NO for TARP. That NO VOTE resulted in a near seizure of the financial markets. As a result the party seeking election was successful but as a result in those days following until they were in place the LOSSES that piled up and the seizure of the system spread world wide that by the time the new elective came in office the DAMAGE was far beyond what they considered. As a result they have been attempting to fix something that should have NEVER happened. And while doing so claim it was worse than we considered. HAH. They GAMBLED. They voted NO. They CAUSED the damage with that NO VOTE. Had they voted YES, the markets would have rallied, many companies would have used that market to raise capital. MANY of the sins would have gone to the black hole and millions would have continued in their positions and lived in their homes without harm. BUT NOOOOOOOOO, some group of people decided to GAMBLE and while gambling thought their risk was worth it for the solution they desired. REALLY?

      I've a better idea. How about one simply does what one does in any critical path. PUT THE $ quarts of oil in that car that needed OIL.
      And then FIx the leak afterwards. Verus causing the motor to be demage due to neglect of not adding the oil and then crying foul when the cost of repair is 20k instead of 30 dollars.

      And then blame the dealership for that cost when in truth it was the owner who refused to put the oil in when needed and gambled they could drive another 7 miles or in the case of congress 7 days. Shameful.

      So don't expect solutions, do expect those who were complicit or responsible to blame others and while doing so confuse those who are NOT aware. It's all in the details.

    • Actually you are 100% right
      with that .
      Justice is not blind these days,
      it is selective and schizo .

      The Dow may go wild ,
      and land in Montana is looking
      like a good place to be .

    • UNFORTUNATELY, if those who want to identify a point give those they try to educate to much to contemplate they LOSE the audience.

      They'd be better to show them something salient versus too many with signs and voices with too many reasons.

      Take em to a simple cause and effect. It's not wall street nor is it the banks or the wealthy against the poor and middle class.

      It's as simple as this.


      WHY WEREN'T they ENFORCED?????

      While here, 12700 djia will be hit. To some a long time is a day and to others a long time is 1,2,3,4,5 years.

      I'll suggest this re DJIA 12700. It will be hit in more than a day and a lot less than 2 years

    • Sadly
      no one is watching .
      Everyone is in a panic or manic ,
      grabbing whatever they can
      from Whole Foods to Wall St to Washington ,
      Capitalism gone wild !

      Doubt you will see the Dow near 12700
      for a long time .
      Serious dislocation Worlwide ...

    • That last sentence is gold, too bad the fake OWS crowd isn't interested in factual data.

    • jforuus: Re: You want to make it run to $20 go for it but dumb retail isn't going to get sucked into

      Have to admit, I'm having trouble with the back half of your sentance.

      AS for that gap, yes it will one day be filled for after all this is JDSU. But let's not confuse it will be filled with the when.

      Meaning does it run to x beforehand?

      We shall soon see. IMHO

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