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  • mewing39 mewing39 Dec 6, 2012 11:51 AM Flag

    BOTTOM is in.

    Just as it takes time for a tide to go in and out so too it takes TIME for a stock to put in a bottom to then move upward.

    JDSU as most know went from the 4's to the 9's to the 17's to the 29 before it rolled over to retrace to the 9.s.

    Yet 9 is a long ways up from the lows of 2 ish and the 4.

    And 29 is a long ways up from that 4.

    The run from the 9 to the 29 caused many who were naked to buyin.

    And that mechanic has run it's course UP and now DOWN.

    2 years from Feb 11 to Feb 13

    So here we are in Dec 12. Stock at 12 ish. UP from 9.72

    Waiting to move to the 14.58 and then 19.44. Expect it. It's coming.

    Near term 11.34 and a bit less. But the point is. THE BOTTOM IS IN!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I don't follow this stock but I do keep track of pumpers and frauds, and Mewing is a fraud. She buys and pumps. And while she says good things that sound intelligent, like any practiced fraud, she should not be heeded. Just look at what she did with DRYS. She kept predicting a price of 9 as the stock was dropping. It's approaching a dollar a share now. She was not alone in this scam and I believe they acted in concert. She will speak superficially of stock techniques, trading mechanisms, charts, etc but her track record, from what I've seen, is horrible. So while she might say what you want to hear. be careful. Do your own research and don't accept hers.

      Good luck with this stock.

      • 1 Reply to rbbiggs73
      • Yo stalker.. re my track record it's apparent you are clueless. As for DRYS, I have sized in and still own it with a lower cost basis. And the target is STILL 9. Those who followed me on this board but under a different handle know I had a 29 on JDSU when it was in the 3's. It took near 4 years for it to occur. HO HUm. Ifit takes 4 years for drys to hit 9 from a bit over 2 then I'll take it and so will many others who were smart enough to buy off the lows last year or this yeaa or have sized down.

        So just a few hits for ya. gave a spx 1458 when it was in the 1100 area.

        Gave an intc 24 when it was 19

        Gave a JPM 45 when it was 28

        Ge 24 when it was 13 ish

        BAC is going to 16/19/26 and calls have done 100/200/400% depedning on which ones held

        Bottom line is for YOU to travel to the JDSU board to warn others simpy shows you as a stalker.

        I presented in the subject of the post JDSU had bottomed. Unless you are blind it shows it has and you want to diss. YUP uze a loser.

        BOTH JDSU, DRYS are strong BUYS.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I've bought more shares @ 11.89 this morning. $15.00 soon, very soon. Might be end of next month...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You have brought a smile to my face.

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