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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Jan 9, 2000 1:09 AM Flag

    The JDSU, SDLI, ETEK race.....

    (Posted this message on the SDLI and ETEK boards.
    I truly believe that what I have said is correct
    and would like some input from this angle from fellow
    JDSU investors.)

    This race reminds me of
    the race in the router business a few years ago
    between CSCO, BAY, COMS, and ASND. All of the stocks were
    hot (for their time) and there was a constant flow of
    news releases regarding who had superior technology,
    who was gaining market share, and who would be the

    I knew then but refused to see it. I bought some
    ASND and some BAY based on the fact that they
    supposedly had superior technology, but it was a fool's
    game. The market had spoken then just as it has now. It
    is clear that JDSU is teh winner. The reason its
    market cap is so much higher is because the market has
    put the stamp of "winner" on it. They have the
    largest market share, most of the news, technology that
    is more than sufficient, and the power to crush or
    buy anyone that stands in their way. Just like

    Could I be wrong? Sure! But right now as I see it, it
    doesn't make any difference who comes out with what new
    whatever and neither do anyother factors matter. The
    laser/fiber business is growing and JDSU dominates. They
    cannot be caught at this point. The only weakness is if
    JDSU's managment screws things up and right now they
    seem to have it together.

    I like what SDLI and
    ETEK have going for them but to say they will beat out
    JDSU or even ever be a competitor is to lie to

    I don't desire any hate letters but would
    appreciate some informative and constructive

    Good luck to all.


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