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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Mar 16, 2000 10:58 AM Flag

    What will my investment be worth in 10

    In 10 years your investment will be worth
    $71,237.48. Don't forget that 48 cents.

    I'm being
    sarcastic. I understand that we were all new to investing at
    some point and I don't mean to sound harsh, but based
    on the questions you've asked, you seem to be
    particularly naive about investing. If we could answer your
    questions, we wouldn't be sitting here on a computer posting
    to Yahoo. We'd be on a yacht somewhere with a bunch
    of supermodels.

    My question for you is: why
    did you buy JDSU?

    Don't buy it because you
    read something about it in last month's Money magazine
    and you saw that it did really well last year. Find
    out what the company actually does, find out the
    potential of that market, and look at their competitors.
    That will be a good start.

    In my opinion, JDSU
    is the clear market leader in an industry with
    enormous growth potential. I think it (and thus the stock
    ultimately), will do extremely well. But guess what? Stocks go
    down on some days too. Maybe it will be lower next
    week, or next month. Maybe it will never be this low
    again. If you find out for sure, let me know. All I can
    say is that I am pretty confident in 3-7 years it
    will be significantly higher than it is today. That is
    as much "certainty" as you can get in the stock

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