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  • uncle_al_the_kiddies_pal uncle_al_the_kiddies_pal Mar 20, 2000 12:36 PM Flag

    etek / jdsu spread...

    ...yeah I notice the spread, and am growing
    increasingly concerned about it. The spread should not, and
    perhaps would not, be going in this direction unless some
    people had some concerns, valid or not, about the

    All of which makes my shorts chocolate because I own
    2000 shares of ETEK.

    Uncle Al, The Kiddies Pal

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    • Mistakes made today.

      Number on was to get
      personal on this board. Never again. It is a stock
      disscusion. board.

      #2 sounding like i care, when
      actualy I don't. Please invest your money as you see fit.
      Place it all in stocks and roll the dice. I am not
      concerned with your retirement etc..

      Entering into
      useless discussions like this one. Don't give me advice
      and I will never again post any advice.

      You make coments about me when you have absolutely no
      idea who I am and how I invest. That shows your

      I have truely wasted my time here.. END.

    • Hey, if the sky begins to fall, I know what to
      do. What guy are you talking about? Losing 45% of his
      retirement? If you were speaking of me (F), I'll still have

      No, I do not believe the NAS will CRASH in the next 5
      years. Maybe the big gains will be elsewhere but there
      will be no crash. Hopefully I will still be
      open-minded enough to accept the changes in tide and benefit
      from that. You really should try to invest other ways
      because I don't think you have the stomach for this.

      Oh and one last thing! There are a couple of things
      you can take off your list of things to worry about,
      my retirement and the sky falling!

      JDSU Long
      and Strong!

    • Good job Uncle Al!

    • Thanks, it's not a tech or internet stock, but I do think it has potential
      I love your list, it's good advise!

    • uncle_al_the_kiddies_pal uncle_al_the_kiddies_pal Mar 20, 2000 1:51 PM Flag

      1. Invest in companies that produce real
      products, not custom software solutions. You wouldn't catch
      me dead owning some of these B2B software

      2. Invest in companies that dominate their

      3. Invest in companies that have high barriers to

      4. Invest in companies that are in their hypergrowth

      5. Invest in companies that have outstanding

      6. Invest in companies that are debt free

      With regards to internet companies, invest only in
      companies that build the infrastructure, and invest low in
      the supply chain. If a company higher up in the
      supply chain screws up, the company lower in the supply
      chain just starts selling to that company's competitor.

      8. Never invest in e-tailers. No barrier to entry.
      No real products. No profits

      That's my

      Uncle Al

    • OK, thought you may have some advise, thanks anyhow!

    • since you own 2000 shares of etek that
      2000 * $250/share = $500,000 that would hit your
      retirement goal of $ 1/2 m

      ? what the f you still
      doing here or you are just full of shit....i'am
      starting to loose all respect for you...

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