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  • calsmartys2000 calsmartys2000 Aug 11, 2000 4:36 PM Flag

    OT hikingtigger

    You better get used to the fact that Bush will
    win this election. Whatever you may think of him
    personlly, his image comes off much better than Gore, who
    had no trouble defending a president who allegedly
    commited perjury in a court of law in order to escape the
    consequences of a sexual harrasment suit with Paula Jones.

    Tell me this. If it was a Republican in the White
    House who did the same, wouldn't the National
    Organization for Women be all over it.? What happened to their
    zeal when it was one of their own?

    Gore does
    not have the moral strength to carry it off. Too much
    baggage left over from the present administration that he
    too was up to his knees in.

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    • Clinton at least was good at it.

      Gore lied
      about the buddhist temple "financing event" and was
      caught red-handed. thanks to J Reno he didn't have a
      special proesecutor sicced on him. The investigators said
      one was needed but Reno covered up for him. It's time
      for 'no controlling authority' and 'i invented the
      internet' (LOL!) to go.

    • But the sun will not sink on the American Empire
      if Gore won. I really don't think it

      Clinton probably would have wanted the NOW all over
      him...if you know what I mean <wink

      Gore is up to his knees because Monica was down on her
      knees...I get it...

      And so you don't wonder...I'll
      probably vote for Bush at this point. I've only voted for
      Democrats when the Republican was pro-Choice and the
      Democrat not...or something glaring like that.

    • It ain't over till the Fat Lady Sings
      now she's whistling Dixie (-:

      It can go Either
      way...November is such a Long Way 2 Go!

      May the BEST Team
      Win... They all Have a lot of Public Relations Work to
      do if I may throw in my 2 cents worth?

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